Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Coziness Of Uggs

Uggs.  You either love 'em or hate 'em.  I own two pairs of boots, the ultra short suede, which are mid-shin length, and a smooth leather pair -- a style extending up to the knee.  So without a doubt, I fall into the love camp.    In winter, my Uggs keep my feet toasty, warm, even on the coldest, Arctic-bone-chilling day.  And they are so comfortable.  Some people don't like their look, but there's a good reason for their popularity.  I think they are practical, versatile and adorable.  Wear them with jeans, leggings and certain skirts to look pulled together and casual smart.

As everyone knows, Uggs are made from sheepskins.  The boots have fleece tanned to the leather on the inside.  The fleece draws away moisture, keeping air circulated and your feet at body temperature.  This is why people, who wear Uggs in the summer, don't feel overheated.  

Both pairs of my Ugg boots have sturdy, long lasting rubber soles.  Each is several years old, and what makes them such a terrific value is, they show almost no signs of wear.  They are so well insulated that you can wear them without socks in cold weather, though doctors don't recommend it.  Personally, I wear socks.  Also when the footbed of your boots wear out, there's no need to replace your entire boot.  Replace the insoles for $14, and you are good to go. [$14 price available at Zappos.]

Nowadays, Uggs come in a large variety of styles and colors.  From sandals to shoes to boots, there is choice galore!  The problem I'm having is wearing out the Uggs I already own ... but getting my money's worth on quality winter boots is a situation I will just have to live with ... thanks to the land Down Under.
Pricey Jimmi Choo Uggs

Here are some sites for great deals on Uggs: [banner to the right]

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  1. Ok, you may have brought me over to the "Ugger" side! LOL. I guess my disdain for them stems from certain older women who wear them the wrong way, hence my Uggy feelings about the Uggs!! Like the ones who wear them with pajama bottoms in public. I know I'll be doing a blog about Uggs. One of many in my head!
    Thanks for this great blog!

  2. The place to buy UGGS is at DAVID Z- he has a bunch of stores, I think there is one on Fifth Ave near Empire State Bldg.

  3. Becky, your Ugg boot faux pas list will be hysterical ... can't wait to read it.