Thursday, October 15, 2020

Chunky Is Autumn Trendy

Photo: Marissa Cox - Suzanne chunky sweater.

This fall's fashion buzz word is chunky. Chunky sweaters, chunky jewelry and especially chunky chains on everything from wearing one around your neck to hanging it off your purse. The following are examples of the chunky chain trend:

Brinker & Eliza Spiral Staircase Necklace 

Pomellato 18k rose gold bracelet

Lovely rings that could probably be worn every day and to galas. Versatility is ideal for what we buy.
This autumn chunky gold cocktail rings replace delicate understated gold bands. To show the trend,
 I'm using statement rings of what I like😍 (not necessarily of what I can afford). To the left is a & Other Stories Chunky Color Block ring. To the right is a Bulgari East-West diamond ring


Coach, along with other purse designers, has trendy chains gracing their bags in their new fall collections. The Signature Chain Hobo bag on the left is available on the Coach outlet website, while the Hutton Shoulder bag on the right isn't yet.

I like the chunky chain look but won't go out of my way to buy it. Once the trend ends, it will look dated. Yet I wouldn't say no to the Pomella 18K gold bracelet, the Bulgari diamond ring, or the Hutton ... which leads me to ponder ... how do bloggers get on those luxury goods freebie lists? I'm an apt blogger who isn't on any such lists! At least, dear readers, you know my topics and product reviews are totally unbiased.
ASOS Fashion Union cardigan
Unlike chunky chains, the chunky sweater seems to be a wardrobe staple. Forever fashionable on a frigid fall day. As it happens, I like my sweaters soft and a bit fitted, yet also loose ... more oversized than tight. 
Will you be hopping on the chunky trend bandwagon?

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