Monday, September 13, 2021

The Sweater Vest Is Back

Photo: Storets

Cooler temperatures call for layering, and this fall the sweater vest is back in so many attractive ways. Never out of fashion, you'll just have more lengths and style choices in 2021 with many design houses jumping on the sweater vest bandwagon updating its appearance. The following are a few interpretations from well-known retailers:
Photos: 1) Endless Rose; 2) MUNTHE Rowland; 3) Sandro Evone available at Nordstrom

As you can see, a v-neck in the vest is popular, yet there are as many flairs as there are tastes: Feminine, chunky,  smooth, textured, checkered, and cable-net to name a few.
Photos: 1) Urban Outfitters; 2) & Other Stories; 3) Mango

A sweater vest is not just for librarians anymore! The look is polished and practical, sophisticated, chic, and warm. 
Photos: 1) Rag & Bones; 2) Maje Maela - available at Nordstrom; 3) No Comment - available at Macy's 

The sweater vest can pull an outfit together, plus keep you in toasty comfort with just enough coverage. Covering your trunk minus sleeves avoids overheating ... plus hides a wrinkled blouse!😄 Worn solo, it looks fashionable and edgy; or layer over a top for a classic vibe.

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  1. Ah, so the vest is back! Today I walked through H&M and saw a couple and went '??'. Now I see the answer right here. You give us all the necessary tips on the coming season. It has been years since I had one, but everything in fashion comes back sooner or later :)

    1. Trish, I only have one vest in my wardrobe -- a see through lace-nylon one, more decorative than for warmth and I only kept it because it took up no space. I'll have to pull it out again to be in vogue, won't I. :)

      I'm have to pop into to our H & M here to see if we too have the vests you might have seen.