Thursday, October 14, 2021

Best Leggings Updated

Photo: LL Bean
My Best Leggings Roundup is my 6th most popular blog of all time, so for sure leggings are a staple in many wardrobes. The list I comprised then is still relevant. I continue to get my leggings from Old Navy and Express, but today I'm adding 3 new retailers to my original list. Old Navy and Express have the fantastic deals, often selling decent quality leggings for as low as $5 - $15 each. You can't beat either company's promotions, and you get at least 2 years of wear out of the leggings so if you need to replace them more often you still come out ahead in savings. At $15 or less per pair, you'll get your money's worth for a good length of wear.

The 3 new leggings I'm adding today to my original list cost more and are a tad more durable ... a financial wash to a Savvy Shopper. If you buy and wear new leggings without paying more money, the money you spend is a wash:

1) Uniqlo leggings - Since I comprised my Best Leggings List, the innovative Japanese retailer has stepped up its leggings game now offering a variety of legging styles designed for different climates and purposes. Moreover, the exciting development is the company's sizes now fit tall women over 5'5"! (The retailer's petite sizing kept it off my original roundup.) Best price point for lasting leggings bar none!

The next two are more expensive retailers. Recently each of them has expanded its legging styles + offers better sales:

2) LL Bean leggings - (top image👆) - The merchant has launched what it calls perfect fit leggings for every type of body, and there are styles galore this season. My favorite fabric is jersey smooth cotton with a touch of spandex, but you can also get fleece-lined leggings if you live in an arctic climate. There are 4 fits (or cuts): 1) original (relaxed); 2) straight-leg; 3) slim; and 4) legging. They won't cling, fade or stretch out.

3) Landsend Starfish leggings - The link leads to all of Landsends' styles of leggings for women, but the only one I'm familiar with is its Starfish leggings which are soft jersey cotton with lycra. Excellent quality leggings, but usually more expensive than I think consumers need to pay. However, when you catch them at their rock bottom sale price of $22, grab them as they are then a fantastic value!🎉

LL Bean's and Landsends' apparel is comparable. From season to season, one retailer will have a better selection, so before buying, I always look at both. 

Uniqlo is usually the better-priced retailer for good (or good enough) and unfailingly innovative clothing -- including its pants and leggings. Toss Old Navy and Express into the mix and one of the 5 retailers will offer you a perfect pair of leggings at a steal of a price!🎯

You are set for the fall, winter, and early spring!

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