Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Visit Victoria's Secret's Hidden Museum

Photo: Time Out/Victoria Secret Show
'Tis prime time in New York City for tourists, and I'm beginning to see the out-of-towners walking around sightseeing. Welcome all to the city that never sleeps!

I'll write a few blogs of fun things both natives and guests could miss unless someone tells you about them. 

All the fashionestas should walk up 5th Avenue beginning at about 47th Street to the Upper East Side to look at the display windows, as well as, enter the boutiques of interest, then walk back down Madison Avenue doing the same. Don't rush. Stop for coffee along the way at LadurĂ©e (864 Madison Avenue) or Nespresso (935 Madison Avenue).
Photo: TimeOut 
Victoria's Secret, the flagship store (at 640 5th Avenue) has a secret! There's a lingerie museum hidden inside the shop. It's up on the 3rd floor. On display are the giant wings and sexy attire (including a $3 million bra) worn by the Angels for the yearly Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is broadcast on television each December. The museum is a retrospective of fashion accompanied by video and music from the runway show and more. Free admission to the public, along with a souvenir runway poster. Unlike most museums, you stand right next to the exhibits. I popped in yesterday, and it's not to be missed. The staff is so lovely too! There's also a big sale occurring in the store on the the 1st and 2nd floors, making a stop an excellent time to pick up some lingerie, sleepwear or fragrances.
Photo: Sari Marissa G.
Victoria's Secret may be one of the more affordable shops on the block. Still a stroll up 5th Avenue and down Madison is a heavenly experience for true fashionistas who come to Manhattan!
Photo: Sari Marissa G. 
For visitors who want more structure, I recommend booking a Window's Wear Tour of 5th Avenue. The guides are knowledgeable, engaging and share insider tips. They will tell you about the Jeanne Toussaint necklace that has "a staring role in the Ocean 8" film and now sits in Cartier's front window. The 2-hour tour costs: $35.

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  1. Dearest Debra,
    Sad ending for the founder of Victoria's Secret as he committed suicide.
    Don't you have to put the link into all your sources? Both, my husband and I have been professional writers and we hate plagiarism as the work has been done by the original owner of each photo, and/or text. But at least, a correct mention would be at place.

    1. Hi Mariette,

      I had not heard the sad news regarding the owner of Victoria Secret. Wow!

      Regarding photos, I always credit photos I post. I'm diligent to add a link if the source of the photo is an individual person.

      With well-known established publications (Time Out in this blogpost) I credit them, but don't feel I must link also. Since it's a big publicaion and the photos are all over the internet, they are easily googled and found, with the credit I insert.

      Photos I take, I don't always credit. And if a link to a photo becomes a deadlink after time, I will remove the link, so readers don't get sent to dead ends and nowhere on the web.

      Finally, the reporting and writing are my own (unless I clearly say otherwise). The voice is mine.

      Thanks for thoughtfully weighing in. :)

    2. Dearest Debra,
      Indeed, Roy Raymond jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge... So sad after he'd sold Victoria's Secret he started a children's retail store and that went bankrupt. Next he and his wife divorced; what a tragedy!
      Guess if you did link it would help your blog's ranking.
      Am tired, did drive back and forth to Atlanta today and luckily, this time we met a very courteous person at the Costco hearing aid. She helped Pieter by spending a good 5 minutes and problem fixed. On April 30 we were there, me on crutch... but the person at that time did not even want to hear Pieter's problem or look at it! There are HUGE differences in personality.
      Made the rounds today, Costco, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market and straight home... ALL driving is for me so I'm ticketed out, it is over 6 hours total behind the wheel and in heavy traffic.
      Love discussions like this...

    3. A good feeling when errands are done. Driving for 6 hours is exhausting!

      I, too, love good discussions. I learn from them and can always benefit by doing something better. With blogging I learn new things as I do it.

      Thanks for your input, my blogging friend!