Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go Barefootin'

The LOOK may strike fashionistas as wacky, but TIME magazine named the Vibram Five Fingers a best invention in 2007 on its list of cool stuff from innovative minds. First worn by sailors and surfers, Five Fingers is designed to make the muscles in your toes, feet and legs stronger. According to the company, thin, foot-shaped, rubber soles and pockets for each toe improve stability, flexibility and posture. They let you run, jump and climb close-to-barefoot. Reportedly, it gives you a better range of motion and reduces the stress on your knees and lower back. The idea is to exercise as nature intended. When you are barefoot, or nearly barefoot, your foot is stimulated in a way that is limited by traditional sneakers -- those leave feet underdeveloped and prone to injury. Five Fingers put you back in touch with your natural state. Exercising barefoot is better for bones, joints, and muscles. And I admit, it seems logical. So I'm intrigued enough to keep an open mind. If the claims are true, I'd try them in a heartbeat. Would you wear them in public? Imagine: Coming into the office on a dress down Friday ... the Pope peddling a stationary bike ... or President Obama out jogging with the secret service ... everyone decked out in FiveFingers. I'm just saying, if this catches on.
costs: $80-$120

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