Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Favorite Academy Award Dresses 2019

All photos courtesy of Harpers Bazzar and Getty images   

Here are the dresses which caught my eye at this year's Academy Awards. Several that didn't make my list (worn by Emilia Clark and Michelle Yeoh) shimmered and looked beautiful on television, but didn't photograph well. Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet win the award for cutest couple of the evening.

As I look over my selected 10 I notice my practical side emerges: Each dress can be worn again to other galas (which isn't a requirement). Also I do not like to see in between breasts; not that I'm scandalized by it, I simply don't like the look. Moreover, there's nothing wrong with wearing a fun gown, but an Oscar goer should also aim to look glamorous that evening. What if you don't go again? It's your one chance to shine!

My 10 picks are feminine, timeless and flatter the wearer:

1) Marina De Tavira wearing a stunning red Reem Acra gown; 2) Tessa Thompson in a classic black with silver glitter Chanel dress; 3) Amy Adams wearing a shimmering Darren Le Gallo dress,; 4) Tina Fey in a can-never-go-wrong sapphire Vera Wang dress; 5) Letitia Wright wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress; 6) Helen Mirren looking lovely in a pink Schiaparelli gown; 7) Laura Dern in a shapely Rodarte dress; 8) Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet look adorable in their matching pink Fendi Couture by Karl Lagerfeld outfits; 9) Leslie Bibb in an oo la la pretty lace champagne-colored ??? gown; and finally 10) Elaine Welteroth wearing a darling Celia Kritharioti dress. Click here for a closer look at the dresses.

There ... I published my Oscar list for 2019 before seeing what others think! Which gowns do (or did) you like on the red carpet?

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Noxzema Cleansing Cream Forever

Noxema Cleansing Cream is a staple. Since 1914, it has appeared in its familiar cobalt blue jar. I began washing my face with the cleansing cream at the age of 14 and always come back to it. Containing eucalyptus, soybean and linseed oils, the cream cleans without drying my skin. Camphor, another ingredient, is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat acne and pimples because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, winkles are caused by inflammation. He has formulated an entire line of anti-aging skincare to fight inflammation. I love Dr. Weil's products too, yet at $5 for 14 ounces, Noxzema is substantially cheaper.

It's also a powerhouse multi-tasker. You can use it to relieve a sunburn (the cream's original purpose). BTW: What are you doing staying out in the sun long enough to burn? But if too late, the camphor will soothe your burn.

In a punch, Noxema makes a super moisturizing body lotion also, locking in the moisture after a shower and soothing winter skin with extra hydration.  

What's more, people use Noxema to relieve bug bites and eczema, as well as, shaving cream; removing paint from hands; scuff marks from shoes; and chewing gum from hair and carpets. Plus, it removes makeup, so no need to buy a separate product.

There are 2 formulas: Original and Moisturizing Cleansing Cream. I like them equality (both are moisturizing), but tend to buy the Original version as I like its refreshing scent best. Noxema also comes in a thinner lotion, which I don't think is the best value. Since the cream is light and non-greasy, what's the point of buying a runny lotion consistency (short of being an astronaut floating in space who lacks water๐Ÿ˜–)? You get less for the money.

At $5 a jar, Noxema is a keeper. There is always one in my bathroom.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Dorothy Perkins Is Top Shop's Stylish Sister

Meet Dorothy Perkins, popular and trendy Top Shop's stylish sister! The sibling line creates affordable fashion pieces that are classic, pretty and feminine. Adorable dresses, tops, bottoms and accessories, which are a tad more conservative than ร  la mode articles, so they won't soon go out of style.

Cute ladylike florals; animal prints; or solids with flattering details such as a fitted waist, or pleated skirt. And subtle polka dots to boot!
There are timeless shoes and accessories for all occasions, plus you won't need to empty your wallet to buy extras in order to match your dress.
I can envision the Duchess of Cambridge (a/k/a Kate Middleton) wearing these elegant clothes!

An Ombre All Over Lace Dress ... wow ... oo la la ... wunderbar ... love at first sight! At last, understated style for grown-up women ... with a touch of pizzazz!
Well worth browsing the website. Once there, click on the upper left to select your country of origin. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Day When Love Is In The Air

To my dear Readers, 

Happy Valentine's Day from THE SAVVY SHOPPER. Back to back Valentine posts because we need them! Show a little love and kindness to your fellow man and woman, as well as, your family and friends.๐Ÿ’‹

Eat the chocolate, buy a rose, wear something pretty ... red, pink and/or glittery. I love these low key holidays, which have not gotten so commercial, thereby allowing for spontaneity and less fuss. 

Life is good so why not take this occasion to insert some sweetness, sparkle and a special treat into your day. Feast your eyes on some pretties.
Happy Valentine's Day on this 14th day of February, set aside to celebrate love, passion and goodness. Remember to be good to yourself along with everybody else!๐Ÿ’˜

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses to all my readers a week before Valentine's Day. You motivate me to write new blogs. Without you there'd be no reason to post. And you know what? When we give with an open heart, we get plenty back. Researching the various topics helps me to learn right along with you! I'm a smarter person for it.
Furthermore when readers comment and share information, it's the best of all possible worlds as the philosopher, Voltaire, famously coined. Moreover, I appreciate the diversity of our global community: Red, yellow, black, white, purple, blue, pink, all are welcome and equal here!
3 of the uploaded images are for sell, but not by me ... as I'm only a writer not a merchant. But if you wish to go to the retailer of any one, I've linked it. 

For Valentine's Day, you can lift others up with simple yet thoughtful gestures: 1) A sincere note letting someone know you care suffices; 2) Give your best friend a pretty red lipstick to brighten her day; or 3) Bring a bag of Valentine candies to share with co-workers. It might put smiles on some faces.
L'Oreal's Isabel Marant Collection

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies! How will you spend it?

Photo: Jewlr.ocm

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