Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day Readers

I'm sending Valentine's out to you today! For ...

Love, peace and compassion.

 Courage and enthusiasm for life.

Hugs and an ounce of chocolate. xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day! Look out for Cupid's arrows.😉

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  1. Thank you Debbie, for your cute Valentine. Best to have fantasy chocolate! So healthy.. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

    1. If only we left it at that ... fantasy chocolate. :) Unfortunately, I began with a chocolate heart yesterday.

      Hope Mr. C does good today today! He is always so thoughful! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. There is a confluence of several blogging topics. I can report that I found (and purchased!!!) a bottle of "Widow Jane" chocolate infused bourbon- actually "chocolate malt". OK, it's made in Brooklyn and not in Kentucky- but it's a different way to deliver chocolate. On this page about half way down.

    1. I had chocolate truffle hearts. Sounds interesting, Barry, and you supported local industy.