Friday, October 22, 2021

All Beef Salisbury Steak

Photo: Wikepedia

At the supermarket, I spotted the $6 Hunger Man frozen meals and got the idea to make Salisbury Steak for dinner. Thought I ... why not buy $5 worth of ground beef instead of these $6 frozen dinners? As I put the ground beef into my basket my 2nd thought was I've never made Salisbury Steak, I wonder what all's in it? Well ... how hard could it be?

As it turns out Salisbury Steak is a version of Hamburg steak consisting of ground beef, breadcrumbs and seasonings with gravy. Oh, yeah, gravy! Definitely, we are heading in the right direction. German immigrants brought the stick-to-your-ribs dish over to the US during the 19th century. It was adapted by Dr. James Salisbury, an American physician, to put meat in the diets of Civil War soldiers to promote their health.

It's a one-pan easy recipe, fairly universal in ingredients checking with the various online cooks. The one optional ingredient I'm adding to the gravy is a big ole grilled onion. Moreover, I'm omitting ground pork .... why do we need both? We don't. Let's keep it simple like the Hamburg Steak (unless you happen to have ground pork and want to use it up). I'm familiar enough with German cooking to know Hamburg Steak would have been made both ways -- with or without the addition of pork depending upon what the family had in their panty on a given day. 

All Beef Salisbury Steak

Ingredients for the steak:
1 - 1.5 lbs of lean ground beef
1 large egg
1/4 cup breadcrumbs (per pound of meat)
1 tablespoon ketchup
1 tablespoon mustard
4 sprinkles of Worchester sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
A sprinkle of dried garlic, onion powder, parsley
6 ounces mushrooms, sliced
1 onion, sliced

Directions for the steak:

1) Toss the ground beef, breadcrumbs, ketchup, mustard, Worchester sauce, and seasonings into a mixing bowl and using your hands incorporate uniformly.  (I don't use milk, but you can if you wish to moisten your bread crumbs.)

2) Shape into patties -- one pound makes 2; 1.5 pounds give you 3; 2 pounds make 4 servings, etc.

3) Grill in a frying pan. As the meat is cooking, you can toss in the mushrooms and onions to tenderize them for the gravy. After the ground beef patties are done cooking, remove them from the pan and temporarily put aside. Be sure to save the brown meat bits, mushrooms, and onions for the gravy. 

Gravy Ingredients:

4 ounces mushrooms, sliced and at least partially cooked
1 onion, sliced and at least partially cooked
1 cup of water per pound of ground beef (Eyeball the water amount. More or less gravy is up to you.)
1 beef (or chicken) bouillon cube
1 - 2  tablespoons all-purpose flour (Eyeball it. A tablespoon of flour per half cup of water cooked for 5 minutes will thicken your gravy.)
Salt, pepper, dried garlic powder to taste


1) Add the water, bouillon cube, and flour to the pan drippings, making sure to dissolve the flour and bouillon into the water. 

2) Bring to a boil, then cook until the gravy thickens. It thickens in about 5 minutes ... during which you return the Salisbury Steaks to the gravy for them to heat up and absorb the gravy. 

3) Taste the gravy and adjust the spices to taste: a tad more salt or black pepper, a capful of cider vinegar for more flavor, etc. {(If I need to get rid of a ripe tomato laying in the refrigerator, I toss it into a gravy or vegetable stew at the beginning to add more flavor. A capful of vinegar can also balance the sauce out resulting in a hodge-podge of deliciousness! So will red wine ... but I suggest you sip it instead while cooking.😁}

Salisbury Steak is often served with mashed potatoes and peas as side dishes. More than a hamburger, easier than a meatloaf. I also like how you can make as much as you need -- a dinner for one or more people. We love our skillet meals. Guten Appetit!

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Winter Hats, Scarves And Gloves

Well-established retailers, including Echo, Calvin Kline and others are weaving winter, hats, scarves and gloves with manmade fibers, such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic -- which consumers seem to be accepting! Other than at innovative, well-made, and inexpensive Uniqlo, I pass on them. The exception: Uniqlo's Heattech gloves are so cheap, you won't mind replacing them after 2 years of wear. Unlike cashmere gloves (which the company also sells), you can machine wash Uniqlo's Heattech gloves of manmade materials. And too, gloves, which touch everything, wear out faster and need to be replaced oftener than hats or scarves.

As a rule of thumb, however, you can't beat merino wool, cashmere, or a  combination of the 2 materials for warmth and durability despite paying more for them. Personally, I won't even look at acrylic winterwear. A combo of polyester and nylon tends to be warmer than acrylic, but if not Uniqlo-budget-friendly ... don't buy manmade-thread hats, scarves, or gloves ever! This is where my rule of don't buy cute or pretty applies. (Oh, hat and scarf,  you're sooo pretty ... yikes, pricey and not real wool ... pass!)

Echo has launched some super adorable hats of synthetic fibers this season, which I would not be tempted to buy. For just a tad more money, you can get their Cashmere-wool blend Lux Collection of hats, scarves, and gloves. 

After you pay the piper, they'll likely keep you warmer, plus last for decades of winters. Keep your eye on natural fibers of cashmere, wool, or a combination of the two, and wait for a great sale!

Coach is running a flash sale on its merino wool beanie right now ($39), offered in 6 colors. Less than what you pay for some merchants' synthetics!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Yellow vs White vs Rose Gold

Photo: eragems

Nowadays jewelers and customers have access to a wide range of medals. Gold is always an excellent choice when buying earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

The metal is classic and less expensive than platinum. As it turns out platinum scratches more and isn't as easy to resize as gold if, in years to come, the size of your ring finger changes. For this reason and others, gold is widely used to make engagement rings.


Pure 24K gold (meaning 100% gold) is soft, malleable, and not durable enough to wear as everyday jewelry. The gold we usually wear as a ring is a gold alloy (meaning it is mixed with a harder metal) to make it stronger so your jewelry won't bend or scratch with daily wear. 

  • Photo: Novemgold
    22K is 91.67% gold and 8.33% of a secondary metal. 
  • 18K gold is 75% gold and 25% of other metals. 
  • 14K gold is 58.3% gold and 41.7% of other metals. 
  • In the USA 10K gold is sometimes sold, which is 41.7% gold and 58.3% other metals. 
The higher the percentage of gold, the deeper the color, and yet 14K gold is stronger than 22K, so not a bad choice for jewelry. You will pay less and can wear 14K gold with more abandon. Less gold in the alloy doesn't translate into less beautiful; however, you should never be overcharged for the amount of gold you're getting either.

Nowadays gold comes in 3 popular colors: Yellow, white, and rose. There are differences between them, but when considering which hue to get, it's more a matter of personal preference.

Yellow gold is the color of pure 24K gold. When making jewelry, yellow gold is an alloy made by mixing it with yellow metals like zinc and copper. It looks fabulous on most skin tones, which is why yellow gold is so popular for engagement rings.

White gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal such as palladium, 
manganese, or nickel. Not significantly enough to make you select it over yellow gold -- which also wears well, but if comparing the 2, white gold is stronger, meaning it scratches and dents less than yellow gold. Yellow gold is just a tad softer due to the other metals mixed with it. On the other hand, unlike yellow gold, white gold must be dipped in rhodium to shine and after years of wear and tear, you'll have to have white gold re-dipped in rhodium to maintain its luster. Thankfully the cost of this process is inexpensive.

I became familiar with rose gold only a few years ago, and it has become a favorite. (This watch introduced me to it -- not even real gold ... but looks like it!) Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy that is strong; doesn't scratch; doesn't fade; and also is universally attractive on all skin tones. Rose gold has a warm, romantic glow and is an excellent choice when paired with red stones like rubies.

If deciding between yellow, white, or rose gold, it comes down to which one you love the best and sometimes the particular gems you're pairing it with ... I think you can always tell which one to get with just one look after trying on a piece. You know it when you see it. Trust your eyes and heart, and you won't go wrong.

Photo: Hamilton
Although I'll stick to one color of gold if ever buying a set of jewelry (earrings, a ring, and a necklace), I'm also a gal who'll mix metals and wear wherever I own that is beautiful! I do not care.πŸ’—πŸ”·

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Best Leggings Updated

Photo: LL Bean
My Best Leggings Roundup is my 6th most popular blog of all time, so for sure leggings are a staple in many wardrobes. The list I comprised then is still relevant. I continue to get my leggings from Old Navy and Express, but today I'm adding 3 new retailers to my original list. Old Navy and Express have the fantastic deals, often selling decent quality leggings for as low as $5 - $15 each. You can't beat either company's promotions, and you get at least 2 years of wear out of the leggings so if you need to replace them more often you still come out ahead in savings. At $15 or less per pair, you'll get your money's worth for a good length of wear.

The 3 new leggings I'm adding today to my original list cost more and are a tad more durable ... a financial wash to a Savvy Shopper. If you buy and wear new leggings without paying more money, the money you spend is a wash:

1) Uniqlo leggings - Since I comprised my Best Leggings List, the innovative Japanese retailer has stepped up its leggings game now offering a variety of legging styles designed for different climates and purposes. Moreover, the exciting development is the company's sizes now fit tall women over 5'5"! (The retailer's petite sizing kept it off my original roundup.) Best price point for lasting leggings bar none!

The next two are more expensive retailers. Recently each of them has expanded its legging styles + offers better sales:

2) LL Bean leggings - (top imageπŸ‘†) - The merchant has launched what it calls perfect fit leggings for every type of body, and there are styles galore this season. My favorite fabric is jersey smooth cotton with a touch of spandex, but you can also get fleece-lined leggings if you live in an arctic climate. There are 4 fits (or cuts): 1) original (relaxed); 2) straight-leg; 3) slim; and 4) legging. They won't cling, fade or stretch out.

3) Landsend Starfish leggings - The link leads to all of Landsends' styles of leggings for women, but the only one I'm familiar with is its Starfish leggings which are soft jersey cotton with lycra. Excellent quality leggings, but usually more expensive than I think consumers need to pay. However, when you catch them at their rock bottom sale price of $22, grab them as they are then a fantastic value!πŸŽ‰

LL Bean's and Landsends' apparel is comparable. From season to season, one retailer will have a better selection, so before buying, I always look at both. 

Uniqlo is usually the better-priced retailer for good (or good enough) and unfailingly innovative clothing -- including its pants and leggings. Toss Old Navy and Express into the mix and one of the 5 retailers will offer you a perfect pair of leggings at a steal of a price!🎯

You are set for the fall, winter, and early spring!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Step Into L.L. Bean's Comfort Boots


Fall is back and so is boot season. L.L. Bean has a slew of everyday stylish, genuine leather, warm and cozy boots that are made for walking.

The Classic Stonington style on the left page of the catalog is made of pigskin and has a soft flannel interior lining with steady rubber soles.

The new Rugged Cozy boots, which come in 2 styles -- lace-up and mid-roll-down on the right page of the catalog feature premium waterproof suede or nubuck leather with a supportive leather and fleece-lined footbed, plus a long-lasting grooved rubber outsole.

Super adorable and practical flair paired with jeans, leggings, or skirts! No matter which way you go, these durable boots are made for walking in a variety of conditions from a company long renown for producing all-whether outdoor boots!

I see my favorites but having 4 pairs of Ugg boots (different lengths and leathers) plus a pair of L.L. Bean's Storm Chasers, I cannot justify adding a new pair to my fall wardrobe this year, although if doing over, I'd buy these. They are made for walking.

And now for a little entertainment ... how we feel when wearing comfortable, well-made, smart boots that will last for decades to come -- 

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dove Hair Therapy Collection

eBay sellers are offering the entire collection. Also sold at Walmart and Target.

The CVS Pharmacy near my home always has free samples. I applaud the beauty manager at this location for offering us free samples consistently, as other locations are not as diligent.

On Saturday I walked into the drugstore, and there they were in the beauty aisle: Sample packs of Dove Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner. It's a multi-formula collection ... the Hydration Spa option, I did not try. What I grabbed was the formula marked Breakage Remedy. Though I gravitate towards hair products that strengthen or tame locks, I'll try whatever freebies are offered. The Dove Hair Therapy Collection includes a leave-in condition which I also didn't try.

Today I used the shampoo and conditioner and love the fresh, clean, pleasant scent. The formula feels luxurious and leaves the hair clean, tame, and free of tangles. The new Dove Therapy Collection, according to the company, is created to strengthen the hair at its cellular level to achieve 97% less breakage. It's free of sulfates and safe for all hair types.

For sure, it smells magnificent; washes out clean; and leaves a consumer with a soft head of hair. Dove is better known for its soap, now we know the shampoo and condition is good too. Costing under $7 for 13.5 oz, the going rate, CVS offers a $3 coupon + the usual future promotions, making the brand affordable. Definitely, as the price is right I'll stock up with a pair and a spare to continue using it.

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Faux-Reos: When To Make Homemade Cookies?

Photo and recipe courtesy of King Arthur Baking Co.

Everyone should know where his or her food comes from, what's in it and what it takes to put it on the table, so I think everybody should have a few basic cooking or baking skills.
πŸ™‚ Often homemade is healthier as you use better ingridients. That said, life is a balance. Who wants to spend all their time in the kitchen? So how do I decide between homemade or readymade?

If I can't make food, better, healthier, or cheaper, I buy it readymade. Oreos are one of my favorite store-bought cookies. I can't make them better than Nabisco Cadbury Milka, their manufacturer ... and not much cheaper either. 

Moreover, are cookies ever healthy? Really ... truly?! It's the sugar that's so bad for us ... as well as, eating too many cookies! So Oreos are a cookie I buy and never bake at home. BTW, if you can find the same crispy chocolate sandwich cookie manufactured by Hydrox, the original inventor of the recipe in your supermarket, buy them. As tasty as Oreos, Hydrox -- the 1st retailer to make them -- deserves your patronage!

Despite never making the chocolate sandwich biscuit myself, I'm curious to know what's in my favorite, sooo delicious, store-bought cookie. Let's turn to a professional baking company for a copycat recipe:

Faux-Reos by King Arthur

Ingredients for the cookie:

1 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar
12 tablespoons butter, room temperature
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon espresso powder
1 large egg
1 tablespoon cold water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
3/4 cup good quality cocoa

Directions for the cookie:

1) In a mixing bowl, beat together the sugar, butter, salt, and espresso powder. 

2) Beat in the egg, water, and vanilla. Next add the flour and cocoa (to get a stiff dough with no leavening agent, so do not worry about either).

3) Roll the dough into 2 teaspoon-size balls (the weight of a chestnut).

4) Place the balls on a greased, or parchment paper prepared cookie sheet, leaving 1 1/2'' - 2'' apart.

5) Flatten each cookie to about 1/8" with your fingers or a glass bottom dipped in cocoa.

6) Bake the cookies for 18 - 20 minutes and watch them closely to get a crispy-without-scorched cookie. When just right, remove them from the oven and cool completely.

Ingredients for the filling:

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup vegetable shortening
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons cold water

Directions for the filling:

1) Beat together the sugar, shortening, and vanilla.

2) Add the water and continue to beat until smooth and spreadable.

3) Place 1 tablespoon of filling in-between 2 crispy cookies and squeeze to flatten.

Oh, what a lot of sugar, no wonder they're so tasty! Frankly, unless Oreos and Hydrox cookies both disappear from supermarket shelves, I don't plan to make them. Yet seeing the recipe is an education, isn't it ... and I'll hold onto the Faux-Reos recipe to make at home should the day arrive of empty supermarket shelves.


Here's another easy King Arthur recipe I will make:

Photo and recipe courtesy of King Arthur Baking Co.

No-Bake Energy Bites


3/4 cup any nut butter (I'll use peanut butter)
1 cup of rolled oats
1/3 cup of honey
1/3 cup of dried whole milk (I'll use dried skim milk ... all I ever buy and doubt with powdered milk, it makes much of a difference in taste. What am I ... a supermarket?πŸ™‚)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups of mix-ins - such as mini chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chopped nuts, dried fruits or seeds, crushed candies (unhealthy), 1 tablespoon chia or poppy seeds (healthy) -- or whatever you like.


1) In a mixing bowl, combine the 1st 5 main ingredients.

2) Next add 2 cups of whatever mix-ins you like.

3) Use your hands to mix and get the right consistency. Add more oats if too sticky, add a tad more honey if too dry.

3) Form into 1 tablespoon-size balls. Place on a cookie sheet. Wait at least 20 minutes for them to rest and firm up before eating.

Obviously, the Energy Bites are healthier than Oreo cookies, but sometimes you need an Oreo; and we all must practice moderation. Alas, staying healthy always comes down to portion control! I rarely eat more than 3 Oreos, yet rarely eat less than 3.πŸ™‚

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A Citrine Quartz

Citrine is a variety of quartz, which is a hard minimal composed of silicon dioxide (silica), whose color ranges from pale yellow to reddish-orange or brown and occasionally to green-yellow due to submicroscopic (too small to be seen by an ordinary light microscope) traces of iron in the crystal. Natural citrine is rare and tends to be pale in color. All of the bright yellow citrine stones on the market are in fact heated amethyst or smoky quartz. While the heat-treated amethysts produce attractive and sellable sunshine yellow stones, natural unheated citrine is rarer and thus has a greater market value.

The rarer natural citrines are the stones on the right. The rest of the citrines are citrine-heated-amethysts.

Citrine was 1st used in jewelry by the ancient Greeks between 300 - 150 BC. The yellow quartz rates a 7 on Mohs hardness scale, the same as tanzanite, zircon, and peridot yet is softer than diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or topaz. It is suitable to wear as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings with proper care. 

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's Citrine ring that she wears to events.

Citrine is November's birthstone. It's mined mainly in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The sunshine shaded gem is thought to bring the wearer energy, as well as, prosperity. In general, citrine is good value for the money. The supply versus demand keeps the prices of this golden crystal affordable. You can buy a nice-sized translucent rock without paying an arm and a leg!

Effy designed citrine pieces - The necklace sold at Macy's online. In Macy's search box enter ''Citrine'' or ''Effy.''

A yellow stone, whether it is an ultra-expensive yellow diamond or less-expensive yellow quartz, is not my personal favorite hue in a gemstone, however, I like its brightness as part of a bouquet of colors. Just a personal quirk of mine as yellow isn't one of my favorite colors. I like it best as an accent hue, not as a main color -- not in clothing, nor in flowers, nor in jewelry. Everybody is different though, and there's no logic to what we like; they are only matters of personal preferences. Who knows, one day I may change my mind.πŸ’›πŸ™‚

Photo: Ethan Lazzerini of natural citrine

The Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton seems to love her citrine ring and wears it to a number of functions. And hey, she's prosperous. So see it works! Perhaps she knows something I don't.πŸ˜‰

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

3 Best Travel Jewelry Cases

Mostly I think it's a bad idea to take your jewelry with you on vacation. Strangers don't care, nor remember how you look and friends don't either, so why worry about valuables in unfamiliar settings with too many competing distractions?

On vacation, my habit is to wear a pair of earrings and a ring I never take off, even when retiring to bed. I don't want to stress about hotel safes or leaving gold and gemstones behind in a hotel room. If staying in the home of family or friends, however, I might bring a little more bling if there's a compelling reason ... although even then I prefer inexpensive pieces that can be lost. Frankly, while on vacation, I have no desire to be a jewelry minder.

Yet, there might be rare occasions where you need to wear something glittery. In such instances, I love the above inexpensive, scratch-resistant (1) CE (Case Elegance) Travel Jewelry Organizer. First of all, it's real leather with a sturdy interior that costs the same as vegan leather.

Inside, there's plenty of room and compartments to separate and protect everything you might wear: necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. I think you could get away with fitting it inside a tote or large purse, and certainly, it's compact enough to lock inside a suitcase or room safe. It's good value for the money!

I doubt I'd spend double, yet I like the (2) Saffiano Leather Travel Jewelry Wallet even better since it, too, has all the features to separate your necklaces, smaller earrings, rings, and bracelets. It holds less than the structured case and yet folds to fit inside almost any purse. Not the steal in price as the 1st large case, but reasonable enough for real leather.
My next recommendation requires thinking outside of the box ... it's dirt cheap and even more portable. On vacation wear your necklace and watch or bracelet that you never take off and take up to 7 pairs of interchangeable rings and/or earrings with you in a (3) plastic pillbox that you can easily carry inside your handbag. It costs $1 at a dollar store. Brilliant, no?

Without a doubt, Coach has a gorgeous pillbox, but instead of purchasing it, take the money and buy one of Couch's regular handbags. You don't need a $50+ leather case to house a pillbox. We can simply gaze at it as eye candy for a while.
😍 My motto is, "Don't buy pretty." 

Hopefully, you now have 3 useful and inexpensive suggestions to keep jewelry safe while on vacation. Still, I think the best advise of all is to leave the jewelry at home! And yet, worst-case scenario, I suppose if your house is burglarized while out of town, you'll be happy you brought a few pieces with you.πŸ™‚

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

My Oma's Gurkensalat

Photo: Allrecipes

Whenever I see cucumbers I think of my Bavarian grandmother, who was the only person I know to make gurkensalat (or cucumber salad). My mother, an excellent home cook and her daughter, didn't make it. Mom always used cucumbers in a green salad to serve as a side with whatever dinner she prepared for us. I have memories of my Oma visiting us and making her gurkensalat in our kitchen. We liked it, but none of us have her recipe. As an adult, I had to try to figure it out from memories of eating it as well as seeing her make it:

Oma's Gurkensalat

2 cucumbers, peeled - (I don't peel them. Oma did.)
1 small yellow onion - sliced thin (or green onions when available)
1/2 cup of sour cream (or mayonnaise as a substitute)
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
3 tablespoons of cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of dried dill
Sprinkle of garlic
Sprinkle of paprika
Sprinkle of nutmeg 
Sprinkle of dried parsley
1 teaspoon of sugar, or to taste.

Optional: If the vinegar is too sharp, dilute it with 1 - 3 tablespoons of water ... but wait 30 minutes since cucumbers are largely water.


1) Slice the cucumbers as thin as possible. Oma used a mandoline, but it can be done with a sharp knife.

2) Slice the onions thin too and toss them in with the cucumbers.

3) Add the sour cream (or mayonnaise). Oma loved sour cream.

4) Add the seasonings, and taste the salad. Adjust. Oma would sprinkle in a little sugar to balance the sour vinegar. 

She let the flavors marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator before serving it. The water from the cucumbers will draw out, so don't add tablespoons of water to counter the sharpness of the vinegar right away. Let the salad settle first. 

After chilling, it is ready to put on the table. Gurkensalat is a refreshing, light side dish with a crunch. Enjoy!

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Friday, October 1, 2021

Summer Sale On Dresses And Swimsuits

Three blogs ago I featured two end-of-summer sale dresses I added to my wardrobe for next year. Here are the dresses and swimsuits I passed on buying to be financially responsible. They are equally stylish and excellent buys! 

Nowadays I try super hard to buy everything I need without giving in to purchasing lots of other things I simply want! Far from fretting, I fully expect the following cute pieces to return next year, perhaps slightly tweaked or in new colors, but I'm sure I'll get another chance to acquire them if I have a true need. Meanwhile, if you (unlike me) require new clothes for next summer, you can't beat the following in vogue dresses and swimsuits at fabulous reductions:

1) Landsend Cotton Jersey Sleeveless Swim Cover-up Dress (top imageπŸ‘†) - The 100% soft cotton jersey is a thick fabric with a notch neck and neatly finished armholes that you can wear as a summer dress when not covering up a bathing suit. Why not, it's adorable!

2) Columbia Freezer III Dress - The  Freezer III dress made its feature debut on THE SAVVY SHOPPER in early July and now it's on sale! Its wicking fabric pulls moisture away from the body to keep you dry and cool. In addition, the ultra-dapper summer dress has UPF 30 in its fabric to block UVA and UVB rays. Some of the patterns are gone, but not all, and the classic dress should return again next summer.

3) Swim Solutions - Macy's has tons of chic swimsuits marked down. A brand I especially love, Swim Solutions offers ultra-flattering designs, full support (in the bust, waist, and bottom), plus minimizer-sliming coverage. The brand is of top-notch quality for less -- and since sizes are going fast, I'll link 2 places you can find them -- at Macy's and Amazon.

The devil is tempting you, my lovelies!πŸ‘…πŸ‘Ί Take advantage of the sales if you need something for next year. The dresses and swimsuits will return next season at their full retail price. Me ... I'm trying to be a good minimalist. πŸ˜‡

Here's the swimsuit I selected in 2020. It came back in 2021 but has sold out again. As you can see, I wouldn't have lost out as there are plenty of gorgeous suits on sale now!

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