Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Guide To Makeup Brushes

A line of makeup brushes sold at Bath Body and Beyond

Makeup brushes help us apply makeup with ease. The application goes on lighter, resulting in a more natural appearance and less product waste. With the right tools, you can look more polished and beautiful!

There are many types of brushes to consider. So using the above image, here is the cheat sheet of what each bush does. Let's go from left to right:

1. Smudge brush - Use to achieve a smoky eye: Allows you to blend away harsh lines for a softer look.

2. Foundation brush - Lets you start with a small amount of liquid foundation and layer it until you get the proper coverage. Makeup artists say, begin with the center of your face and blend out.

3. Contour blush brush - Professionals apply blush to the fullest part of the cheeks, sweeping color towards the temples.

4. Highlighter brush - Creates a dewy glow by sweeping shimmery highlighting powder in circular motions on the tops of the cheekbones (according to several sources, including Gissel at Henri Bendel).

5. Eyeshadow brush - Use for base colors on eyelids; complementary colors on the creases of the eye; and to blend colors.

6. Powder brush - Apply face powder using circular motions -- tight circles for fuller coverage and wide circles for lighter coverage.

7. Angle eyeliner brush - Also helps create a smoky eye. Use dry eyeshadow for a natural look, and wet the eyeshadow for a dramatic look.

Examples of kabuki brushes

8. Kabuki brush - Use to dip into loose mineral powder. Apply using small circles to look airbrushed.

I also recommend Alicia Silverstones' Ecotools brushes.

Expect to pay $10 to $18 per brush. Personally, I skip buying a travel brush set. Full size brushes get the job done, without taking up much room in a suitcase, so why buy a smaller set? I will also confess to only using two brushes, powder and blush. That's because I usually don't wear eyeshadow. I didn't discuss a lip brush, which I do like for applying lipstick. I own, but rarely use a lip brush since it's nasty to clean.

Periodically, wash makeup brushes with mild soap and water and lay flat to air dry. (this I do!). Clean brushes will last for years, as well as, give you the best results.

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