Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day ... Hmm

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It's become my habit to share a few random thoughts about my Father on Father's Day. When he died, I suddenly became aware that you do not love someone who was dear in the past tense. Clearly, you move on. In time, the loss is not the first thing you think about each morning, but it's not really accurate to say, "I loved my Father." It's more correct to say, "I love my Dad," although he is not alive to give, or receive it anymore. But your affections never really shut down.

Have you noticed? Everything in our world has an opposite. Light has dark. Good has evil. Happiness has sadness. Life has death. If you live long enough you experience it all. That's how the world works. And ... so much of the world is temporary. So appreciate what you have.
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Not only was I fond of my Dad, our family dog adored him. It is my observation that while dogs love everybody, they often form special bonds with men. "Man's best friend." I don't know why. Is it the testosterone ... or the style of play ... or what it is? As much as I hate to admit it, dogs do seem to prefer men.

My Dad could pick our dog up, for example, if he were injured, when no one else in the family could. You know, when I think about that dog ... I miss him too!

So let me share a funny story about my Father and the family dog.

One day my Dad decided our dog should have a comfortable bed of his own. So he bought a handsome wicker dog bed. Dad wanted to make the bed as cozy as possible. An uncle (Mom's brother) gave us a thick deer skin hide, which for years hung on a hook in a shed because we never knew what to do with it. So Dad thought that perhaps the deer skin -- one side had fur, and the other was leather -- would make the perfect padding for the dog to rest on.

Dad spend half an hour measuring and cutting it just right to cover the bottom of the dog bed. It made the bed soft, snug and homey. We showed our dog his lovely new wicker bed and left him alone to lay in it.

Several hours later, we noticed our dog had chewed the entire back off his new bed ... as a matter of fact, there wasn't much left of it, just bits and pieces of wicker strewn all over the floor! But that's not all ... the dog was having a field day playing with his perfectly-cut oval padding, by gripping it in his teeth, then shaking-and-flinging it across the room whenever he felt like it. So much for a welcoming bed of his own. Sometimes a dog has other ideas. Dad took this lack of appreciation in stride as I recall.

Some final thoughts about fatherhood come from President Barack Obama, whom I admire for being a fabulous father. 

Here's a snippet of what the President said in a recent interview:

"The one thing the girls know about me is I love 'em to death ... Younger parents ... ask me why it is that Malia and Sasha turned out so well. I say, first of all, you know -- marry somebody who's going to be a great mom,' which I did. But second of all, unconditional love sure makes a difference."

Plainly, unconditional love was true of my Father ... for his daughter and the beast.😊

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful, well-intented FATHERS who read the blog. We love you for everything you do! And ... I will always love you, Daddy ... where ever you are.

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  1. A lovely tribute to your Dad, Debra, and I know what you mean. Only today I caught myself mentioning my mother in the present tense, although she died over six years ago. To us, they are always present in some way. We had a little dog who chewed his way through several wicker dog beds. It was his favourite way to pass the time, I think.

  2. Very touching, excellent post

  3. @Patricia: Thanks for your comment. When I wrote the post, I wondered if our dog destroyed his bed because he smelled deer. Guess not! It would've occurred anyway.

    @Barry: Enjoy your Father's Day with your girls.