Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Color The World Lipstick

Color The World artisan lipstick is founded by two internet start-up brothers, Stephen and Wayne along with Stephen's makeup maven wife, Stephanie. The company's goals are 2-fold: Make amazing lipstick that is 100% vegetarian; containing organic and natural waxes; and is cruelty free ... and then use some of the profits to support worthy causes around the world. 10% of the profits of each color of lipstick is targeted to go to a specific (listed) charity -- causes the company wants to connect with to make a difference.
For now Color My World focuses on just lipstick, but oh, what lipstick it is. The lipstick is hand poured, smooth and moisturizing. Created to be not too shiny or matte, the color doesn't feather out or bleed. The rich emollients are especially beneficial to lips that are 40+ years of age, but as you can see the beautiful array of colors appeal to all ages.
There are lots of flattering and everyday shades offered at a reasonable price. Mid-priced lipstick for top-notch vegan ingredients. Some of the multi-sets are good deals, and the (recyclable) cardboard tube packaging makes adorable gifts. 

What fun to try new, indy brands, and this one gives a little back to the world.

The one bit of oddness is the owners have an internet presence -- a  business website and facebook page, as well as, good customer (via Google and YouTube) reviews -- but no last names to be found! Transparency is an asset, so when will the world know?

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Drugstore Snacks I Like: Lenny & Larry's Cookies and Tex Mex Snack Mix

When my apartment was damaged by our gaga hookah smoker's fire, and I had to leave for two months, I discovered these satisfying cookies. Luckily there was a drugstore alongside tiny, overpriced food stores. These mouthwatering protein cookies are substantial and affordable.
As readers know, I love a well-stocked drugstore. I buy my gallons of delicious Roxbury, New York milk at Rite-Aid and snacks at Walgreens to take home like Lenny and Larry's Complete Cookies. Each huge, 2-serving size cookie has 32 grams of protein. But at 200 calories per serving, I am careful to only eat half a cookie (for 16 grams of protein) most mornings. Many protein bars are not palatable, but Lenny and Larry make soft, tasty cookies. I often buy them 3 for $5 so they are not as expensive as those chalky, uneatable protein bars.
Surprisingly, I'm not a fan of their chocolate-chocolate chip cookie, but brownie lovers will like it. To me, they taste under baked, which is the reason I dislike brownies. Too doughy and undone.

My favorite Lenny and Larry cookies are the peanut butter chocolate chip followed by snickerdoodle -- both excellent paired with a morning cup of coffee.
A drugstore snack I'm addicted to, but only let myself bring home as a once in a while treat, is Duane Reade/Walgreen's Nice Tex Mex Snack Mix, which I could eat until it comes out of my ears! It's a standard snack mix several companies make, and I'm happy Walgreens (which I can walk to) carries it. Do you know, I once in a great while (not often, yet have been known to) eat Tex Mex Snack Mix for breakfast. Because. I know it's in the house!

What's that you say? Fortunately I can't hear you.

Like most addicts, I know it's not the most low calorie, nutritious snack I could eat. I know without checking, it contains loads of fat, salt (and spices!), but I'm addicted, and like with any addiction, sometimes I must make a late night drugstore run to get my fix. Sooo ... talk to the hand while I munch!珞

Do you have any favorite drugstore snacks?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Old Navy's Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress

When I heard this dress was flying off the racks at Old Navy because women were buying multiples of them (one woman bought 9!), I didn't know what to think. Compulsive buyers??? By nature, I tend to be an under buyer. Then I did it myself! In a week of 96 degree temperatures, I bought and wore the dress in 2 colors ... than bought 2 more colors for a total of 4 dresses at $15 each.
So out of character for me, but Old Navy's Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress is the perfect summer dress. The soft, substantial jersey fabric is unbelievably comfortable and stylish. It doesn't grab you in the middle, or cling anywhere else in the scorching summer heat. Although I prefer cotton over rayon, as the material is more durable, I can live with this rayon and spandex dress. It is plush and cool!

As cute as the picture is, it doesn't do the jersey swing dress justice. Slip it on ... and wow! The above knee length is just right, and for once the dress length is neither too long or short. The round neckline and A-line, flare silhouette is a classic swing back to the iconic style of Jacqueline Kennedy and Betty Draper sans a steep price tag.
Dress the jersey swing dress up or down with shoes and accessories. The frock is flowy and flatters every height and figure! To beat the summer heat, fashionistas will wear the dress instead of shorts. 

Easy to clean also: Machine wash in lukewarm water and hang to dry. The touch of spandex keeps it winkle-free.

Old Navy's Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress is a 5-star wardrobe no-brainer!

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Pack-And-Go Makeup

In summer you don't want to wear tons of makeup. Just a tad of natural color is all you care to bother with before you go out. Flattering without the fuss. Plus if you can carry it in your bag for touch ups, great!

L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Pro Matte Lipstick has the right amount of moisture with beautiful matte color. Usually I'm a "lipstick," lip color gal, but this liquid stays put longer and because of its waterproof formula, it doesn't come off after a sip of water, coffee or tea. Costs: $10, or less depending on where you buy it.
Kaya Beauty Bento Bouncy Simmer Eyeshadow Trio sets are gorgeous! There are 8 different sets in rose; golden; gilded bronze; punchy purple; golden coral; mauvy pink; and neutral cocoa. Furthermore, I love makeup tones that can work as multi-taskers. After you pay for a product and walk out the store, it's nobody's business how you use it. A stroke of sunkissed simmer can enhance your blush or contour you face after shadowing your eyes.
Milani Stay Put Eyeliner will last all day. Designed in containers so the gel never dries out; it has a built on smudger at the end for creating sharp or smudgy lines.

Practical, easy-to-travel-with makeup in beautiful shades that stay put in hot weather and won't break the bank. THE SAVVY SHOPPER adores luxe quality sans the luxe price!

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Monday, July 15, 2019

A Laundry Ball Lets You Wash Without Detergent

Want to ditch your chemical-based detergents with a kinder, more gentle, eco-friendly product? You can now buy a Laundry Ball to do the job. There are several in the market, but each is detergent-and-chemical free, as well as, re-usable. You toss the Laundry (also called a wash) Ball into a washing machine along with dirty clothes. The laundry ball contains ceramic pellets that change the PH balance of the water, and that process cleans the clothes. Every 30 days, it is necessary to lay the ball in the sun to keep its PH-changing properties potent and active. 

Changing the PH balance of water is also one of the ways conventional detergents work. What's more, not using harsh detergents is not only better for the environment, it's easier on your clothes, which look-newer longer. Why? 1) Detergents break down dirt, as well as, the fibers in your clothes; and 2) unlike detergents, the Laundry Ball doesn't fade (i.e. remove) colors in clothing. Handwashing using a wash ball is easiler as you won't have suds to rinse off your cleaned garment, a bonus!
I'm linking you up to the Green Laundry Ball so you can examine the original product; however, there are equivalents on the market as good as the original for a few dollars less. All of them cost less than detergents. One ball washes 1000 - 1,500 loads of laundry (depending on which one you buy). On the other hand, a large box of laundry detergent can cost the price of a ball. As a bonus, the laundry ball saves (restocking) time and (storage) space!

For the good of Mother Earth, I just ordered mine!

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sandals Made For Walking

In New York City we have no choice but to walk a lot. Even when using public transportation, it's common to walk 10, 15, 20 blocks after getting off at your stop. Concrete is hard on shoes and feet. Shoes wear out fast, and so will your feet if you don't wear the proper footwear on hard city pavement.🍎

Here's a confession: I dislike wearing sandals on city streets, but I do own them, and they are a key in surviving this big Hot Town, Summer In the City. Nonetheless, an entire day of walking will dry out and dirty my little tootsies!🙁 So for days of constant walking, I wear hybrid sandals -- closed toe shoes with sandal-like openings, so I'll include them as an option also.

In my experience sandals must have 2 functions to help you avoid foot problems:

1) Have good arch support;

2) Stabilize your heels.
3) And they must be cute because you won't wear them otherwise.

Here are my picks of the Best Sandals Made for Walking:
(Not in any order)

1) Women's Ecco Yucatan Sandals - above image - They come in various colors, but the multi-colored ones are my favorite. Well-made, real leather upper and rubber sporty soles that support your arches and stablize your heels, check!
2) Merrell Jacardia Sandals - Any of Merrell's sandals could be on my list. This seems to be this year's edition. Merrell keeps the same basic foot-bed construction of their sandals, but the styles will change. So if you find last season's collection at TJ Maxx, consider buying them for less. With leather upper and man made supportive soles, mine (from 2 years ago) have a thicker, stable, leather heel like the top Ecco pair, yet still look new. So they are durable!
3) Teva Tirra Athletic Sandals - Usually I prefer leather uppers, yet these have a textile upper and sole. However, thousands of customers consistently give them 5 stars, and those reviewers can't all be wrong. Sturdy and well-made, with arch support and stable heels. In tons of colors too.
4) Clarks Morse Tour Sandals - A family owned shoe company that specializes in causal supportive walking shoes, so their sandals are no different. Comes in stone (an off-white), black or brown. One look says the sandal is made for walking on concrete as it's built to buffer your feet from the pounding.
5) Baretraps Solaura Sandals - Another retailer with a variety of super cute styles that offer arch support, stable heels and shock absorbing footbeds. It wasn't easy to pick just one!
6) JBU by Jambu Wild Flower - Technically these are Mary Jane shoes, but I walk all over the city in them while other people are wearing sandals. My feet stay comfortable and clean, so I love them. My 1st pair were in the color charcoal, replaced by denim. They also come in red and black, as well as, other designs. Some people buy them in every color. I tend to buy one neutral hued pair at a time to go with everything. The charcoal pair lasted for 2 summers of constant walking. Initially I worried they looked too juvenile, but I get too many compliments to care! 
These stylish sandals will support feet in all the right places, plus make the extra job of polishing your hoofs worth the effort! As a bonus the sales on summer sandals should begin soon! 

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

5 Popular Things I Hate

Photo: gq.com
The aim of THE SAVVY SHOPPER is primarily to talk about loves ... not hates, but for discussion purposes only, it's sometimes fun to share what we don't like, so here I go. Different strokes for different folks, so I don't judge people harshly who like or do the 5 things I dislike, the following 5 are simply not my cup of tea. You can chime in too, but let's keep the topic short and sweet: This discussion will focus on concrete things, not the beliefs, attitudes or behavior of others (which would likely require a deeper examination):

Photo: Pinterest
5 Popular Things I Hate ... and why:

1) Eating contests - Nobody is meant to eat 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. It’s stupid.

2) Boxing - Knocking somebody unconscious is the highlight of the sport?!? What’s to like about this? Moreover, I’m not enamored by two human beings willingly punching each other in the face over and over. It’s not fun to watch.

3) Football - While in high school I enjoyed going with friends to local football games. I understand the skill, the camaraderie, the excitement. However, as the medical evidence on the perils of concussions (for professionals and kids) mount, I feel the risk of brain damage is not worth participating in the sport. What's more, I'd stir today's school boys into less risky sports like track, tennis or basketball.

4) Body tattoos -  For sure, I’m in the minority on this one. It seems the whole world is tattooed. Go swimming, or take a walk to see multiple tattoos up and down arms, backs, or legs. Sometimes people get tattoos to honor a person, place or thing, but I prefer unmarked skin which is even more beautiful, not to mention, easier to examine for skin cancer. 

5) Body piercings - With one exception, earlobes, a practical measure so as not to lose good earrings. I don’t want to buy or wear hardware anywhere else. Why get more complicated? Lenny Kravitz, what were you thinking!? Um ... wait, music man ... I probably don't need to know.
Photo: Today's Parent
So now it's your turn to share some popular and concrete things you hate and why. And feel free to agree or disagree with me. Be honest, but kind, and have fun with it.

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Have A Happy 4th Of July

Photo: clipart
Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day. Enjoy the family, friends, barbecues and fireworks. 

Photo: giphy.com
Take a moment to appreciate our freedom and salute the USA. Remember what others have given to win and preserve our liberties. 
Photo: lowgif.com
Be reflective, grateful and happy! Our ancesters came to America for a better life. We can repay them by striving for purpose, committment, contentment and happiness in life.
We honor the day with red, white and blue, the colors of the U.S. flag, borrowed from the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain, America's mother country. In the American flag, the 3 hues represent "vigilance, perservance and justice." (Here's the history behind it.)
Photo: unknown source
And here's THE SAVVY SHOPPER'S way of honoring America: Glitter and bling! 
Photo: The Courier Journal
Let America always be this.

Photo: Unknown artist
And not become this.

Enjoy this patriotic, summer holiday ... the USA is 243 years strong!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Milani Summer Beauty

Photo: vaarabella.wordpress.com
Milani is a top-notch cosmetic line sold at CVS, Ulta, Walgreens and Target. Founded by brother and sister Ralph Bijou and Laurie Minc in 2002, the siblings named their company after Milan, Italy in honor of its cutting edge fashion. The luxe makeup sells for $12.99 or less. With its wide array of rich pigmented beautiful colors that flatter every skin tone, there is no real need to spend more on makeup.
Milani offers lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrow pencils, foundation, face powder, concealer, bronzers, highlighters and more. There are also makeup brushes, lip scrubs and nail polish. As attractive and numerous as the colors are, they all have a natural tinge, perhaps the reason why all skin tones can wear them.
Previously I featured the Malini blush in the Dolce Pink #o1 shade as my top doppelgänger for the iconic NARS Orgasm blush that sells for $30, which is 5 times more than its lookalike Malini blush. Malini in Luminoso #05 is a peachier shade, yet a close 2nd. 

At $12.99 the Rose Blush Trio Palette (above top image) is tempting, too, as the palettes (there are 2 varieties of hues) have a bit of shimmer.
I love the Pink Play/Rose Ludique #01 Color Harmony Blush Palette for summer beauty. The colors are blendable and gorgeous on ivory complexions. There are 4 different palettes including: Warm Bronzes, Warm Corals and Berry Rays.
The Milani lipsticks are another favorite of mine. Dulce Caramelo #27, a unique, peachy-pink-brown nude with subtle shimmer, is my summer signature color. I like it so much I bought 2 of them, one to apply in the morning and another to carry in my purse for touch ups. At $5.99, I can afford to splurge on a 2nd one! 

Milani makes quality cosmetics as lovely as NARS for oodles less! And what's more, the gold metalic packaging is classy.
Milani Caramelo #27

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