Thursday, July 3, 2014

Commemorating The 4th Of July

After five years along the Hudson, Macy's fireworks are returning to the East River this year. Manhattan's east siders will be happy to have the view. The fireworks do, indeed, illuminate the sky and reflect off the water just like in this photo.

How extra nice when the 4th of July falls on a Friday, making it a festive and relaxing 3-day holiday.

A slice of ice cream cake is especially appetizing on a hot summer night. (Recipe here, though why not just use quarts of ice cream?)

Truthfully, I favor dramas, however my favorite musical of all time is about the birth of our nation. Also, I rarely view plays or films over and over. There are too many new ones to see, but I can watch this one every year. Below is a favorite scene from the movie. I enjoy the humor, the four actors who play John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock; and I love the moving freeze-frame ending of the film, where the Founding Fathers dissolve into history. A real painting of the scene hangs in the U.S. Capitol. As a congressional intern, I often walked over to look at it. (Not the exact, but a similar painting.)
Enjoy Independence Day. Let freedom ring, not just here in America ... but all over the world. What a privilege (and responsibility), it is to live in a free, democratic society. For one thing, I can say anything I want on here and with the tap of a key publish it.

Long live the USA!🗽

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  1. With Zebra cake (last week) and ice cream cake (this week), I am not sure how you stay skinny, but the visual displays on 4th of July from fireworks over the water are fabulous ! I had a cupcake at lunchtime with tri-color icing.

  2. Tips for staying skinny: 1. Except for Christmas and your birthday, you can only eat cake (pie etc) if you make it yourself; 2. The only time you can eat cake is when you have people to eat it with you.

  3. Your ideas sound very sensible, so you avoid the impulse to just grab a slice and stuff yourself. A nice natural brake. Since I am reading (from your most recent blog), that you've been getting compliments on leggings/ pants, it must be working for you.

  4. @Barry: Compliments on Old Navy's sunglasses is what I stated.