Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gorgeous Sunglasses At Old Navy

Often I'm pleasantly surprised by the cute clothes and accessories available at Old Navy. This summer I'm wearing three of Old Navy's adorable, cotton dresses. Each is machine washable and $15 on sale. Look for a promotion. They run frequently.

Another find is a soft cotton scarf, which I like to fold up to carry in a purse, then pull it out to use as a shawl in order to protect my bare arms and shoulders from the damaging heat of the sun, or Arctic cold of an air conditioner. I paid $9 for my pretty textured-and-smooth scarf, then walked across the street to see a similar Eileen Fisher scarf selling for $138. There wasn't a significant, deal-breaker-difference in quality. The comparison was a real eye-opener. Perhaps, that's when I became an Old Navy fan.

In addition to the summer dresses, I bought active wear yoga pants, leggings and just this weekend, a gorgeous pair of sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. The price points are always fabulously cheap. Using a 20% store wide discount, I paid about $12. What a steal! They are light-weight, sturdy, an excellent fit and ultra stylish. Already, I've gotten compliments!

At Saks Fifth Avenue, I tried on a pair of Chanel sunglasses. The cost? A cool $550. I didn't buy 'em, but let me tell you, I looked gooood in those shades! These Old Navy sunglasses remind me of the Chanel style. (They also remind me of Tom Ford's current sunglasses.) Unlike the scarves comparison, the Old Navy sunglasses don't quite measure up to Chanel, but they are durable and look expensive. The O.N. store selection is huge. 

Everyone is different. Personally, when I think of where to splurge, it isn't going to be on sunglasses. A sharp kitchen knife, bed pillows, comfortable shoes, an education ... yes, yes, yes and yes. Travel ... maybe. Sunglasses, no. However, never buy a pair without sun protection for your eyes.

For the price, you can splurge by buying a few pairs from Old Navy. If you break or leave them in a restaurant, it will hurt less. Plus, you can change your sunglasses like you change shoes and outfits. It's well worth a trip and a browse.

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