Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Savvy Shopper Will Take A Short Break

I'm doing something I haven't done since I began THE SAVVY SHOPPER over five years ago. Step away from blogging and social media ... for one week, or more. I imagine it will be hard to do. So I'm declaring it publically. No sneaking back on here to write or post anything!

As much as I adore everything the web offers, I'm glad I was out of school before it came into common use because the internet eats up lots of time! Before it, I read more books. I had lenghty phone conversations with friends, and it seems like I had more patience. (Patience for stories that take longer than 30 seconds!)

Just like we did ... not so long ago, I'm going to spend an entire week talking face-to-face with immediate/imminent people ... family, friends, the guy at the supermarket, the mailman and anyone ... when there's a reason.

Don't get me wrong, I'd never want to go back in time, permanently, but it's important not to lose what we had before the internet came along. Time to think and reflect and to live in the present. Time to pause and time to tinker.

While unplugged, I may read a big fat book also. Any suggestions?

Have fun while I'm away. See you soon.

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  1. These days- it's tough to unplug for one hour- much less, an entire week. Not so long ago, summer reading meant paperback books, not bits and bytes on a device that you try desperately to keep away from the water (hint salt and circuit boards don't play together nicely). For good beach reading, Erin Hildebrand books are a must. Also Ann Rivers Siddons. And possibly some South Carolina literature like Dorothy Benton Frank. Yes, all of these might be considered "chick-lit", but the guy characters are pretty memorable.