Monday, July 14, 2014

Trendy Body Chains ... And An Everly Brothers Tribute

Oh, look what's trending now. Just as I'm wearing less jewelry, models and A-listers are sporting more. According to, body chains are being spotted on high fashion runways, plus celebs are sunbathing decked out in chains on the world's most exclusive beaches. Really?

I like the look, sort of, but probably won't follow it, because I don't want to get all tangled up in hardware. Common sense points to the possibility that dressing could get complicated. There's a reason I don't commit crimes. With chains criss-crossing my torso, I might feel like a prisoner.

My favorite (of the above examples) is the chain dangling off the heels. Hmm, I wonder if it makes an annoying sound as you walk? There's a reason jails put heavy metal on an inmate's feet when he leaves his cell. I'd rather not announce I'm walking across the floor. But who knows, maybe that's one of the effects a chain fashionista desires?: "Here I come world!"

A dazzling look for the rich and famous, but how practical for main street? Are you the type of gal or guy who will try a body chain? If so, what do you like about the trend?

Meanwhile ... enjoy a catchy tune about chains from our favorite duo. 

Some exciting news: A special tribute concert for the Everly Brothers will take place on October 25th at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. According to the Associated Press, the list of performers are being finalized, and Don Everly will come out of retirement to make an appearance. (Thank you, Angie for the article!!!)

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  1. I am thinking that Everly Brothers did a song called Chains (" baby's got me locked up in chains...) which ties together the two threads in this blog.

  2. @Barry: I am thinking you must be reading my blog on your phone ... so are missing out on the video I posted. Check again from your computer.

  3. I was reading it on the computer, but did not open the video (which was not labeled with what song it was). So there was no way of knowing in advance what song would open up- making this a case of great minds thinking alike!!! Now, that I opened up it up and I am playing it - I think that it's an awesome video. By the way, the computer is acting up (blue screen last night- in response to some Guy Lombardo stuff) and the phone has been an antique for awhile, so maybe some more music-friendly tech coming my way.

  4. Found another version of "Chains" on You Tube
    This is by Buddy Owens- I am guessing a son of the late Buck Owens. This is a real good version, what it lacks in harmony (compared to Everly Brothers) it makes up for with real good guitar stuff.