Monday, June 12, 2017

Buckingham Palace China

Buckingham Palace Queen Victoria tea cup and saucer
You can buy fine china (and other items) inspired by none other than the British Queen. That's right, get your next teacup from Buckingham palace. Ohh, I'm a lady, I am!πŸ‘ΈπŸ»
The Royal Collection sells by piece, and you can buy as much of a china set as your bank account allows. Furthermore, here's something I did not know until recently: Teacups and coffee cups are not one and the same, but have different shapes. Naturally, the Buckingham Palace collection offers both.
Buckingham Palace Chelsea porcelain coffee cup and saucer
A teacup (the top cup) is lower and wider. It lets very hot water, which tea experts tell us is key in making a good cup of tea, cool quickly. 

A coffee cup (our 2nd image) is narrow and high because coffee is usually brewed at a lower temperature than tea and doesn't need to cool off as fast to drink. Although I have a college degree (with a 3.85/4.0 GPA, not too shabby), I did not know this! Ohh!?! In my home, guests have been drinking coffee out of teacups for years. Oops!! Or are they coffee cups? Frankly, I think they are both ... like being unisex.😱😊
Debbie's dish set:  Are you a teacup?
But now if I wish to add the proper cups to my housewares, I know where I can order some lovely china fit for a queen. Are we not all Anglophiles?πŸ’‚
Buckingham Palace coat of arms 6 cup tea pot

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    1. Hi Regine, so you glad you found your way here. Welcome!

  2. The Buckingham Palace gift shop is the best! I love that pretty Victorian tea cup set, just gorgeous. When we visited it last year, I only had eyes for my replica of the Queen's Wattle Brooch, which I wear with pride on special occasions. I did not know those subtle differences between tea and coffee cups either, so am guilty of using any and all of those shapes, whatever brew I have made.

    1. Isn't it funny when you learn a new fact about something so common and wonder how you couldn't have known it earlier?

      The Victorian tea set pattern is my favorite too.