Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Gingham Ideas

Dapper James - Mary Beth cotton sundress

According to fashion magazines, we will see lots of gingham over the summer. Indeed, the pattern has been popular since bombshell Bridget Bardot got married in 1959 wearing a pink gingham dress. It never truly disappeared. Gingham is a lightweight cotton fabric that comes in checked white and a bolder color.
Here are some stylish and comfortable ways to wear gingham:

From retailers: 1) Free People - swing dress; 2) Forever 21- jumper dress; 3) Madewell - bell sleeve shirt

4) Ellen Tracy - lace and gingham dress; 5) Draper James - cloister top; 6) ASOS - smock dress;

7) J Crew - cigarette pants; 8) Topshop - embroidered gingham shirt; 9) Madewell - 3 '' shorts;
and Dapper James - the garden party skirt (a floral and gingham pattern).

To celebrate the summer solstice😎 in the Western Hemisphere, THE SAVVY SHOPPER will feature not just gingham, but a trilogy of playful summer patterns to wear. Two others are just as fresh, crisp and full of fun. Can you guess what the other 2 are? Well stay tuned -- numeral 2 is our next blog!
A final (Getty) photo: The Duchess of Cambridge in shurbert gingham by British brand, Epinone.

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  1. Lovely - I enjoy gingham, and like all of these looks, greedy me. Yes, the trend is back and I suspect I will make myself a few creations. Love the first blue dress, and I would like a black/white top, and maybe pants too. I actually had a pink gingham dress when I was a young teen, which must have followed the Bardot influence!

    1. Gingham is cheerful, I guess, because it's casual and reminds us of summer's carefree days. I hope you your new gingham dress after you make it. Would love to see your creation, Trish!

  2. Dearest Debra,
    Yes, Gingham has been quite often in my wardrobe, as a girl and even now.
    It makes for feeling happy during summer time.
    Hugs and happy Sunday!

    1. I agree, Mariette. Gingham feels fresh and summery!

      Hugs right back at you!

    2. It sure does Debra.
      Did reply to your comment on my new desk...

    3. Oh yes, Mariette, saw it ... and your new blog!

    4. Oh I love gingham, too. It brings back so many happy memories of childhood. I am, however, not too old (yet) to add gingham pieces to my wardrobe.

      Love post, Debra.

      Cheers, M-T

    5. Marie-Thérèse, I have absolutely no doubt that you have such good tastes you'd always carry off wearing gingham in a classy way at any age.

      I was hit by the thought that we associate gingham with summer because picnic table cloths are often red and white gingham. It's the sterotype we see on tv and in movies, isn't it?

      I'd love to find a pink gingham summer dress. It's pretty and feminine.