Monday, June 6, 2011

Save On Summer Fashion Essentials

I love how carefree and comfortable a summer wardrobe is.  In the summer there's absolutely no reason to buy anything that's high maintenance, or will require dry cleaning.  Articles of clothing can be thrown in a washer and dryer and be ready-to-wear in less than an hour.  And you can pay less for fun accessories, or a few basics than what it costs to buy a Frappuccino coffee at Starbucks.  Below are several darling, but practical essentials, along with places to go for the best value:

Old Navy – Old Navy is the place to go for summer tops.  It offers t-shirts, tanks and camis in every color, shape and style … with inexpensive, matching cardigans, shorts and flip-flops.  The t-shirts are 100% cotton and range from classic to smock to crocket-trimmed and ruffled jersey.  Usually, $6-$15, there are always promotions, so you can pick up a t-shirt for $3 and a pair of flip-flops at $1 on sale days.

Forever 21 – This retailer stocks a wide selection of ultra chic sunglasses with 100% UV protection.  Why wear sunglasses that don't shield your pupils from the sun, when you get fashion and protection for $6.50, or less?  I found a snazzy pair for $1.50.  If they are lost, no big deal.

Kmart – Has fashion-forward visors and hats.  The Joe Boxer visors keep the sun out of your face and the hair off of your neck.  They come in turquoise, hot pink, red, white, denim, navy and beige.  Attractive straw and cotton hats are priced between $10-$12.  Visors are $3.

H&M – Is the place to go for ankle and no-show socks.  Lots of colors and patterns at unbeatable prices.  7 pairs for $10 and less.  And while there, you will likely find a trendy dress, skirt, or trousers for a few bucks.

Express – Carries adorable, well-make, graphic canvas totes, leather shoulder bags and patent-leather, quilted wristlets with lots of compartments and other bells and whistles.  Costs: $15.90-$49.90.  Sign up for their emails to get $20 coupons and up to 40% off.

Lands' End – Lands' End is where men and women will always find great value and super, well-crafted clothes.  I love their assortment of "trekker" Mary Janes and sandals, as well as, the "water shoes."  If you work-out on a trend mill or run, you'll still need traditional sneakers.  For everything else, from riding a bike to long-distance walking in the woods, or on city concrete, Lands' End's trekker shoes will support your feet.  I love them because they add style when paired with dresses, leggings, jeans and shorts.  Wearing mine, I seldom put on sneakers anymore.  Look casual smart at $29.50-$39.50.

With prices like these, you can splurge without spending lots of money.  [Ideas for swimsuits here.]

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