Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zyllion's Shiatsu Massage Pillow, A Review

Periodically I have lower back pain. Sciatica. Usually it goes away in a few days, but recently the twinge lingered. After several weeks of stiffness, I decided to buy a massage pillow. 

Why just a pillow? Well ... to be honest, I am too cheap, plus didn't want to make room in my New York City apartment for a massage chair. (I value my space!) I've tried the chairs at the Sharper Image shops, and they are fantastic! I hoped that good things ... um similar results, could come in small packages.

So I bought Zyllion's Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Heat ... and it works! Here are the pros:
  • It has a 6 cm compact body.

  • Indeed (as promoted) 4 deep kneading Shiatsu balls do "relax, relieve and soothe aching muscles" and nerves. 
  • The heat definitely helps. It feels great!
  • The nodes rotate in both directions, alternating, much like the knuckles of a real human being.
  • The device is programmed not to overheat, and it shuts off after 20 minutes for safety. You can also push a button to turn the heat off.
  • You can use the slim cushion on your lower back, upper back, neck, stomach, calves, and thighs.
The one con: A longer cord -- another foot, or so -- would be useful to reach further. Sometimes I accidentally unplug the pillow while on my couch. Why be chintzy with too short of a cord when you make a good product? What would an extra foot cost the company?

The portable cushion has a strap to wrap around a chair, but I haven't used it. 

The manufacturer claims the device can be used in the home, office or car. Included is an adaptor to plug into a car dashboard, and the packaging shows an image of a little stick person reaching for a steering wheel. What ... seriously!?! 

Who wants to be on the road with drivers who are having a massage! Lord God, No! Some people won't stop a moment for directions much less pull over for 20 minutes to treat a spasm! So please fellow motorists, for the safety of all of us, keep your full attention on driving and use your Shiatsu massage pillows at home.

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  1. Very timely post, this might be useful for my upper back and shoulders. Different doctors say different things- which tells me to look for other solutions, but this pillow sounds like it could be very helpful.

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    1. Hannah, you are very welcome. I use my pillow whenever I've done something to strain my back, and I think the message helps me recover faster. I'm not a doctor, but that's been my experience. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

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  4. Replies
    1. Deepak, thanks for contributing -- can't beat that price!

    2. Be aware it doen't emit heat, but not everyone is looking for heat only a massage.

  5. Thanks for sharing such a nice information .

    1. Thanks, Massage Tables, for stopping by!

  6. I too have one of these little beauties and they work well without taking up the space of a massage chair. Its always good to be able to look at alternative ways to get some pain relief. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. What a dream it would be to have that full body message chair! I have tried them in stores where I've seen them. Feels lovely and great for circulation.