Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover For The iPad

A mini for an ipad mini
First of all, if you are thinking of buying an ipad, consider the ipad mini. It will cost up to $200 less than its larger model siblings. I have played with all three tablets, the ipad air, ipad 2 and the ipad mini, and to my surprise, I prefer the mini. When you look at the mini's 7.87 inch screen, it doesn't seem that much smaller than the bigger 9.4 and 9.5 inch screens. Unless you have a specific need for the extra 1.7 inches, why not save your money?

What's more, the mini is the most compact and travel-friendly of the three. Weighing under a pound, it fits conveniently into a purse, or the inside pocket of a trench coat. Nice to take on trips!
keyboard cover fastened to an ipad mini
Once you have an ipad, you need some type of a case. There are many choices.

I like Logitech's multi-tasking Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. The aluminum cover fastens to one side of the ipad with a magnet, protecting the screen when your ipad is idle. Just 8mm thick, the cover is slender and perfectly matches your ipad mini. Together, they are still lightweight, ultra thin and attractive. (Don't worry: If you have a larger ipad, Logitech makes its keyboard cover for all sizes.)

The sturdy case's built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard is super simple to set up by following a few prompts. The keys, though not quite standard, are a good workable size too ... even for larger fingers.
keyboard cover in its viewing stand mode
The keyboard cover converts into a very practical viewing stand, so you don't always have to hold your ipad when in use. You can secure it in the stand to watch videos, or prop it up in the stand while you lie on your couch to monitor your email and do web research.

However, the keyboard cover doesn't protect the back of the ipad, so you will probably want to buy an inexpensive sleeve (available for under $15 bucks) just in case you drop it.

Once you make the investment, THE SAVVY SHOPPER says ... use your devices until they hiccup, cough and die, or you'll go broke!

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  1. This is interesting Debra. I am in the market to buy something as we are travelling to Europe soon. I have never had a laptop, tablet or a kindle so am in the dark somewhat. Can you do a blog on this? And upload photos onto it? Keen to learn...

  2. Patricia, if you'd like to email me, I'm happy to share what I know from experience. I think tablets are good for many things: taking and storing photos, downloading helpful apps and music, and looking up information on the internet - all useful when travelling. Laptops are easier to use for some things (like blogging), especially if you're used to working on a desktop. I've never used a Kindle: People use them to read books ... and I believe the pricier ones can surf for information. Email me and we can discuss.

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