Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Four-Cube Organzier With Storage Bins

Once upon a time while living at home with my parents, I wore a 14k gold watch they gave me for Christmas. We lived in a house with beautiful wood furniture and fancy china. Expensive figurines decorated the shelves of a large, walnut cabinet.  

Judging by what we buy today, times change. Life is less formal and simpler in many ways. I'm a different kind of consumer than my mother was, and I bet you are too.

Instead of fine china for 12, I bought sturdy place settings for 8 from Pottery Barn (when PB sold dishes in the 1990s). I remember selecting dishes I could use for everyday, as well as, a dinner party. I didn't want to buy 2 sets of dishes for different purposes. One set does it all, and no guest has ever batted an eye.
Nice enough, right? Goes upright or lateral.

Now I buy Timex watches ... and organizer cubes from Walmart. As long as the cube is strong enough to serve its purpose and looks decent, I don't care if it is made of inexpensive pressed wood. Paying hundreds of dollars to store one's stuff makes no sense to me. When I think about it ... perhaps I could get rid of all the stuff that hides behind other stuff in a closet. Tell me why we hold on to things we rarely use, since it seems like too much trouble to get up on a ladder to rearrange stuff in order to get to other stuff? 

As I get older, I'm becoming something of an under buyer. I think more about the world as a whole and my carbon footprint in it, and I can live with less. I only want stuff I actually use.

Don't get me wrong. I want to live well, have fashionable clothes and own everything I need to live a comfortable and purposeful life. But I don't mind wearing garments I like over again. I don't need to replace a computer or car the year a newer version comes out, and I don't want tons of extras (clothes, shoes, appliances, bedding, bath towels) I never use. Ideally, belongings shouldn't sit around idly ... collecting dust. 

The stuff we buy should make our lives better, easier or more fun. Don't bring anything into your home without a clear function.

Space is valuable. Clutter looks bad. Be sure you won't mind losing your empty space to any merchandise that will occupy it.

Moreover, know when to pay top dollar, or not. When a similar item is ten times more expensive, ask yourself -- if you will get ten times more value or enjoyment out of it. When the answer is "yes," splurge. If "no," save.


  1. So true, clutter looks unattractive, and does not enhance our homes. It is an ongoing war for us; we get rid of as much as we can but the special memories of a long marriage and three children are kept as we go along. There are a couple of cupboards just for that purpose but we do cull from time to time. We have never spent a huge amount on furniture but I love a good second-hand piece, which last for years. Cheap and cheerful changes of mood are easily achieved with little accessories. Same applies to clothes. Good topic Debra.

  2. Oh Patricia, you make so much sense!

    It is hard to get rid of memories, and I think it's fine to hold on to some stuff. Among many things, I continue to use an old pot holder that is falling apart. A great aunt made and give it to me. I began using it while she lived, but now it has big holes in it. I guess I'll keep it until I'm grabbing onto a few threads! Then it will have to go.

    I miss living in a suburb, where you can buy wonderful 2nd hand furniture as neighbors outgrown it and decide to hold yard sales. A good friend of mine even found a working, attractive piano for her daughter who took lessons at the time.

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    1. Love organization tips, Jenny. Thanks for stopping by.