Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Summer Of Stripes

Prada - One dress in 2 lengths: maxi and knee
Summer is my favorite time of the year despite some hot and humid days. We can enjoy long hours of daylight dressed in comfortable natural fabrics like cotton and linen. The lack of layers is reason enough to love summer.

What's more, summer style often features vivid colors and lighthearted stripes! A mild sunny season is ideal for people watching and style gazing! Next time you're out-and-about town, enjoy the show!

Meanwhile here are a number of fashionable ways to wear  summer stripes:

From retailers 1) Haultlook.com - knit pencil skirt; 2) Calvin Kline - crew neck, fitted, tee dress sold at Walmart; 3) Loft - strappy sun dress; 4) Miting - the shift dress;

5) Old Navy - crew neck, fitted, tee dress in classic red or navy; 6) John Lewis - fit and flare dress with blots of yellow and black; 7) Dapper James - ruffled Nellie top with umbrella designs; 8) Diane Von Furstenberg - stretch knit vertical stripped dress;
Old Navy - canvas peep-toe  D'Orsay flats

Do you see any favorites?

In our summer trilogy of patterns, we looked at: 1) gingham and 2) stripes. There's one more pattern to cover: 3)______? Can you guess it?

The next blog is all about cake ... then the answer (here) next Thursday will end our summer fashion trilogy.😊💋👗

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  1. I can't believe you have not yet had any comments on this great post. Well, let me be the first. I adore stripes whether vertical or horizontal. They add such wonderful visual interest to an outfit. That said, however, proportion and placement are key.

    You've given us so many wonderful choices here. I guess it's my French blood, but I do love a great "marinière" stripe (horizontal, narrow navy blue and white) which is a staple in most French women's wardrobes. I have a favorite from H&M, believe it or not. The top part is white and the stripes begin right at the bust line. Not recommended for large busted women, but, as I said it's all in the placement and the size of the stripes.

    Horizontal stripes do NOT add pounds if they are the right size and the right proportion.

    Great post, Debra.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. I always enjoy hearing your opinion on a blog post, Marie-Thérèse because you have great style and give good tips! I think H&M has fantastic designers. Sometimes I don't like the manmade fabrics they tend to use, but I've snatched up a great find there a few times.

      Old Navy is great too for cotton summer dresses. Somethings the the cut is hit or miss -- the the length can be too short, but the retailer offers free returns, so it's risk-free. Two summers ago, I bought 3 stripe fit and flare dresses for under $20 each from them, that I wear lots.

      I would also love that top expensive Prada dress. Great color and I'm sure, well-made.

      Thanks for contributing. Getting comments makes blogging fun!