Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Polka Dots

Boden - sport "Virginie" ruffle blouse
Recently THE SAVVY SHOPPER began a trilogy by featuring stylish gingham and stripes, so today let's complete our summer patterns with playful polka dots. What fun they are to wear! Dress them up or down. Look snazzy and casual smart! 

A white shirt might show every speck of dirt, but polka dots are more forgiving, letting you lean against a park bench or picnic chair. Polka dots complement blue jeans and black slacks.

Here are several other adorable ways to wear them:


The retailers are: 1) Borden - "Penelope" frilled, fitted dress; 2) Double Trouble - retro halter swing dress; 3) ASOS smock dress; 4) Ralph Lauren crepe A-line dress; 5) ModCloth - gathered-wasted dress; 6) Borden - "Lois" hourglass dress; 7) City Chic - buttons and bow dress (in what retailers call a plus size); 9) Henry Roth - wedding, or ball gown; 10) A generic tee with a classic pencil skirt of 2 different polka dot sizes 

Look at the pretty polka dot wedding dress! It works. What are your favorites?

This completes THE SAVVY SHOPPER'S trilogy of summer patterns. Are you ready to jump on the gingham, stripes and polka dot bandwagon? Do you have these patterns in your closet?
Sheesh, it was an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini that made one woman afraid to come out of the lockers!😮

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  1. I am very partial to polka dots, and love the ruffled blouse. Also the white with black dress, and the final navy skirt. All are pieces I would wear. Did you see the polka dot dress Duchess Kate wore to Wimbledon tennis this week? - gorgeous!

    1. In the 90s I had a blouse very much like it, which I wore to threads, most often pairing it with black corduroy trousers. Miss it! No, Trish, I didn't see Kate's dress. I will have to google it!

  2. Here's a link, readers, to Duchess Kate's Dolce and Gaggana polka dot dress. Unforturnately, I wrote the post on June 27th (Bloggers tell me) , too late to include it. I love the dress!

  3. Love this post, Debra. I just adore polka dots for spring/summer. The best part is that you can match them w/stripes. It all depends on the size of the polka dots and the width of the stripes. I did a post on that a while ago. I'll have to hunt that up for you.

    Love all your selections. Would be happy wearing any of them.

    I need to visit your previous post on stripes post haste.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. I so appreciate feedback, Marie-Thérèse! It lets me know what to write about, or if I'm on the right track with an idea. Plus I love hearing what you think too! :)