Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meet Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is an online fashion label for young professionals; and in general, women who like everyday, casual-smart dressing. The dresses are elegant and well priced. They have a timeless quality, and you won't empty your wallet to buy one. For women on the go, the pieces are ultra flattering, comfortable and versatile. Think: Modern clothing for modern women!

The e-company is San Francisco based. It's founder, Jessica Lee, worked at before starting the brand. The 29 year old aims to sell classic, wearable clothes and accessories that are still chic and affordable. In an interview with Levo, she describes her style as "elegant and understated, with a hint of irreverence." She, herself, shops for value.

Modern Citizen has customers in their 20s and up. As it happens, tasteful, budget-friendly clothing works for every age.

Choice is good, and now there's a new dapper kid in town. Hello Modern Citizen. How lovely getting to know you!

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  1. How lovely Debra. I love the simple, elegant style of these dresses. Just the kind of thing I like to wear!

    1. Ahh, Sarah, music to my ears! Glad you found it useful!