Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Perfect Diva Den

Pierre Cardin Attributed Bar Stool from Chairish

Just like a man, a woman needs a personal room, or "cave" to get away and relax! So Chairish, an online consignment marketplace for sellers and buyers of designer home goods, invited me to style a board, depicting the perfect Diva Den, and I'm happy to offer a few ideas.

 Whether your Diva Den is a small apartment, or cubbyhole within a big house, here are six helpful design tips:

1) In a room, empty space is as valuable as any object that fills it - So buy to fit the space. Spareness is good, while clutter (and crowding) is always bad. Don't buy anything that is too big or too small; and never, ever overbuy.

2) Surround yourself with beautiful furniture and objects you love - The pieces should make you happy.
3) Select articles that are practical, comfortable and multi-functional - If you do, you'll get lots of bang for the buck!
4) Be organized and tidy - Everything should have its place.
5) Don't be afraid to mix and match high-end with low-end home decor.
6) Remember to use vertical, as well as, horizontal space.

And now, for my style board of the perfect Diva Den ... imagine one room in a house, or a small apartment: I have mixed furniture from Chairish's website with a few inexpensive items:

Southern Living Leather Sofa


Altra Ladder Desk and Bookcase (also available in red) from

My favorite stools have soft upholstery with a supportive back (there are many like these on

SUKI 2-4 Seat Black Folding Round Dinning Table from

Brass Barstool With Blue Upholstered Seat


As you can see, my Diva Den has lots of comfortable seats. (I mean, who plans to stand in a Woman's Cave? No one!) The daybed acts as a cozy sitting area, or place to snooze. Bar stools offer colorful accents, or a compact seat without taking up much space. While the chandelier adds good lighting to read and work, it's also a sparkling thing of beauty. Finally, my Diva Den is classic and modern. There is a mix of rich textures, soft upholstery, leather, pretty metal and warm wood, as well as, several pops of color. With nine pieces ... a lovely blend of comfort and style!

How would you design your Diva Den?

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