Sunday, January 17, 2016

Puritan's Pride Beauty Products

I can't praise Puritan's Pride enough. The e-company offers top vitamin and nutritional supplements, as well as, organic and natural body care products at discount prices. You can afford to use them every single day!

Recently, I added two more of Puritan's Pride products to my beauty arsenal. Previously I used the company's seven ounce Coconut Oil For Skin and Hair, which I still love, but its larger 16 ounce Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the same value per ounce, and you can use this 2nd one in your cooking and baking too. So I will continue to buy it from now on. I keep a tub of the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in my bathroom to moisterize skin, hair and nails after a shower. It feels and smells lovely!
Next up: Nature's Gate Pomegrante's Sunflower Hair Defense Conditioner has seven healthy hair nutrients - panthenol, soy proteins, vegetable proteins, jojoba oil, borage flower seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E. 

I bought a bottle mainly because of it's generous 18 ounce size. Hair conditioner (like shampoo) needs to last for a while. This formula does, plus more importantly, it works to untangle and tame my long locks. The conditioner does everything I want it to do: It leaves my hair feeling light, clean and healthy. The true test: If I don't feel a residue on my hands, I know there won't be any left in my hair to weigh it down. The conditioner is a thick consistency and has no harmful chemicals. At $5.99 for 18 ounces, it's a keeper!

Two fabulous beauty finds without breaking the bank! (For a roundup of other inexpensive botanicals, click the links below.)

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  1. Interesting and luxurious looking products, and such good prices. We are really deprived of choice here, and with the high taxes, all beauty products are much more expensive :( Happy New Year Debbie.

  2. So having long locks is what I would call a "high class" problem. For those of us with frizzie hair (even in limited amounts), are you suggesting that some of these products, Nature's Gate- others, might help with straightening?

    1. Barry, I don't know about the ability to straighten. I happen to have long, fine (as opposed to coarse), straight hair, and I have a lot of it. So I find it to be a good bellwether for whether a conditioner leaves hair light, or with a residue. I can say the conditioner leaves hair looking it's best. I got a few compliments after using it!