Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Pretty Dress I Did Not Buy ... Sigh

Oscar de la Renta - Floral Print Seamed Dress, Periwinkle

Like many people I can be a bit of a fashionista attracted to beautiful things. Fortunately, I don't tend to be an emotional buyer, but generally stick to my budget and am good at separating my ''needs'' and ''wants.'' An emotional buyer can easily go broke; or live in a house of clutter. Not wanting to fill a closet with beautiful but impractical things keeps me from making impulse buys.

When I saw the above Oscar de la Renta fit and flare dress, I loved it instantly! It is made of silk and cotton, and I love the cute floral print, as well as, the color blue. A lovely, flattering, ladylike dress. And classic, no worry of it going out of style anytime soon.

So why did I let the dress go? Well, it costs around $2,400. (Later it went on sale, but not drastically.) I couldn't justify buying such a pricey, although exquisitely tailored dress. It's not as if I sing and dance in front of thousands of people with my band mates, nor walk across a stage collecting my awards. Moreover, I never get followed by paparazzi with bulbs flashing in my face. Often I shlep to shindigs aboard a subway.

So nope, I have nowhere special enough to wear this beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress. I have pretty, less expensive dresses to wear to all the events I attend. And despite missing out on this periwinkle beauty, I was right not to buy it. I still love the dress, but it will have to live here on the blog. Am I hearing some Ooos and Ahhs from my readers? Or is it only me?

Consider the questions: Are you an over-buyer or under-buyer? Do you shop with your heart or your head?

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  1. Yes, the dress is exquisite, and I love it also. As I make most of my clothes, they are quite well planned, however I am a danger in a fabric store. I am difficult to fit, so when I see something in a store I know will work for me, I usually at least try it on. Happy New Year Debbie.

    1. Oh, I'd love to be with you in a fabric store, Trish. What great fun to see someone's heart flutter!

      At least try a lovely dress on ... why of course! I have done so in major stores, which sell haute cultare dresses that cost thousands of dollars. Often they are about a foot (or two) too long because after you buy them, you must pay for alterations. But it's much fun to see how they look off the racks.