Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Sequin Shift Party Dress

Black or gold?

Is this sequin shift dress worth $30? I saw it online at Sears and instantly decided yes! I already have two fancy dresses I wear time and again whenever I have an elegant event to attend. I never believed I needed more evening wear. Frankly, as long as I like my clothes, I don't mind wearing them over. Unless you're Kate Middleton, people don't even notice. (And she too recyles her clothes, doesn't she?) Nonetheless, having a third party dress rocks!

Recently, I attended an elaborate dinner hosted in a big banquet hall and noticed that half the women there wore short cocktail dresses, not long ball gowns. Apparently, people are less formal and dress for comfort these days for all occasions. Also, in New York City, we don't drive cars as there is never convenient parking, so just like men, women must schlepp to a venue. Regardless of your mode of transportation, a trip is rarely door-to-door, and you end up walking a few blocks in the Big Apple.

This dress is ultra comfortable. It has a stretch knit lining. I love the fitted three-quarter sleeves, rounded neck, and keyhole back closure. And readers, you know how I adore sparkle! (I selected the blueish-black for my skin tone. The rose-gold would look gorgeous on olive complexions.) It turns out, the sophisticated dress can be hand washed. Can you imagine?!

This is my first clothing purchase from Sears. It fits perfectly! The retailer has a very stylish inventory and unbeatable sales. Do you need anything?

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  1. You are brave to order something online where a good fit is paramount, but sounds like you got the sizing correct, so enjoy all the champagne sipping at Holiday events.

    1. I got really lucky! I looked at the short length and read about the knit lining, so I ordered one sign up. Not wanting it too short, the bigger size gave me an extra 3/4'' length. Perfect fit! But I did take a chance. You never know for sure without trying a dress on.

    2. One "size" up is what I should have typed! Opps!!

  2. Only $30? What a great buy, Debra. It is a stunning piece for party times. I bought a black sequin skirt from H&M this year, also very comfortable with a stretch knit lining. Glamour at an accessible price!

    1. Tricia, a black sequin skirt sounds lovely too! With a crisp white, or ivory top, or pale pink, or for the holidays, red, or green, or silver or gold ... chic!