Monday, December 14, 2015

Kaufmann Mercantile

Kaufmann Mercantile is on a mission to offer products that hold up over time rather than fill up landfills. Everything from accent furniture, kitchen utensils, office gadgets, grooming and beauty supplies, camping gear and gardening tools is top notch.

The company scours the USA, Europe and Japan to find useful, better-made goods, including a homemade copper tea kettle, metal Plier Office Stapler, or Merchant & Mills Heavy Fabric Pins. The inventory is diverse, yet it has one characteristic in common; the items are meant to withstand a lifetime of use. 

Quality, practical basics make awesome Christmas gifts. People need them. In my opinion, much of the merchandise has a bit of old world charm, and it is easy to find something unique. The recipient isn't likely to already have an Italian olive wood pocket knive, Pivo solid brass bottle opener, or handcrafted pewter shaving mug.

The website is simple to navigate: Search for gifts by category, dollar amount, or country of origin. Often it pays to spend a few more bucks on necessities that won't have to be replaced. Excellence always makes the perfect gift.

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