Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Strange Invisible Perfumes: For People Who Don't Wear Perfume

A Facebook pal introduced me to a botanical perfume company called The company has a Los Angeles store, sells in department and specialty retail stores around the USA and Europe, as well as, on the web. They call their brand Strange Invisible perfumes.

In general, I don't wear perfume. Giving me bottles of it is usually a waste. Once I brought a few bottles of pure perfume oils back from Cairo, Egypt and ended up giving them to my mother, who wore them.

In my defense, I use soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers and talcum powder, which all smell pleasantly-like-something, and I do shower everyday. I suppose I reek of tea tree oil, coconut and baby powder.

Siperfumes makes fragrances for people like me, who don't like synthetic or overpowering aromas. The perfumery blends plants, flowers, seeds, wood and resins to get their natural scents. I love the clean smells of botanicals, such as lavender, white sage and English peppermint.

The company's Perfumes of the Zodiac is a creative idea. A gifter would have to know something about the giftee to select the right fragrance. There are many lovely combinations of scents to consider ... all "100% authentic botanical perfumery." They are expensive, but my FB friend suggests buying their sampler, which is available at an affordable $6. Naturally, for a special someone on your holiday list, you might spend a little more. 

If interested in other unique LA based finds, you can read the book: 111 Shops In Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss, written by Desa Philadelphia.

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  1. What an interesting product Debbie. I find most perfumes annoyingly overpowering, and while I like Chanel No 5, I put on one dab, then blot it off. Can't stand the products HB wears, even if French and expensive - too strong for me. I put it down to allergies. Strange Invisible might be just the go for us.

    1. I agree! This perfume does seem like it's perfect for us.

      I am told that the corrct way to wear Chanel No 5 is one tiny dab behind each ear. So I think you have the right idea.