Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NYX Cosmetics: Cheap And Fabulous

My friend, Clorinda, just returned from New Orleans, but she is upset after discovering she left her makeup behind at her hotel. It's a painful loss! 

I rarely take expensive makeup on vacations. The reason: Anything can happen when you're traveling. Cosmetics can melt, roll out of your bag, not make it passed homeland security, or be forgotten at your destination, as happened to Clorinda. A traveler has too many other things to think about. Minding costly belongings shouldn't be one of them.

NYX, the drugstore label that is pronounced like "Nicks," is perfect to take on trips. For just a few dollars, $6 for lipstick, $9 for blush, or $4 for eyeshadow, you get professional quality makeup. An all-in-one cosmetic palette runs about $12!

Named after the "Greek Goddess of the Night," NYX has oodles of choice for eyes, lips and complexions: Awesome colors; a moist and smooth consistency; all-day staying power.

Other budget friendly tricks I use for traveling include:

1) Save the free samples of pricey face serum, face primer, hair shampoo, hair conditioner and suntan lotion that retailers, such as Kiehl's, give out. Take the samples with you to go on vacation.

2) Multi-task products: In a pinch, talc powder works as face powder. Body lotion moisturizes skin, lips and hands, as well as, slicks down flyaway hair. Lipsticks can double as a cheek color; and cream blush can double as a lip color. A dollop of Vaseline is ultra versatile!

 3) Visit e.i.f -- i.e. eyes, lips, face -- to pick up cheap makeup brushes costing from $2 to $3 dollars each. In fact, I now use e.i.f's blush brush daily at home, and it works, as well as, my more expensive brushes. Had I bought the e.i.f blush brush first, I would have bought the entire set as my primary brushes. Expensive makeup brushes aren't supposed to shed; and yet, I keep picking bristles off my face!

4) Take a break from makeup: Who looks at us on vacation? Bring less and simplify your routine. You'll have more time to relax and have fun! 

NYX cosmetics and e.i.f brushes are fabulous finds. Save money without compromise. You may still be upset if you leave them behind, but the reason won't be because you spent lots of cash!

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