Thursday, October 12, 2017

Echo Scarfs Are Nearly Hermès Perfect

Let's say a fashion-forward blogger (um, no one in particular) who imagined owning a Hermes scarf is smitten with them, but can't bring herself to spend $440-$800 for such a scarf. It's not like this lifestyle blogger is the Queen of England (who has Hermes' scarves in every color!), nor rubs elbows with the Queen of England's set.
One of the reasons a Hermes' scarf costs so much is because it is a status symbol much like a Rolex watch, or a Birkin bag. It suggests a customer is rich enough to afford the big ticket item. I mean, you could buy 15 Louis Vitton bags for the price of one Birkin; and a Louis Vitton bag isn't cheap either. The resale value of the status symbol items remain high since tons of people covet them. Previously owned Hermes' scarves run $250-$400 dollars.
Let's say, you don't care about the status symbol part of owning a Hermes' scarf, but love the 36'' by 36'' size, the thickness of the silk which is hand helmed, the design, and the craftmanship. Can a consumer get a spanking new Hermes-like scarf that is made by a company other than Hermes for less? The thrilling news is: YES ... indeed you can!
Look to Echo silk scarfs (also spelled scarves). Like a Hermes, they come in an assortment of lovely patterns and colors that will flatter your sweathers and coats. Echo Scarfs launched in 1923 as a family business. Today the company has expanded into a design group that makes not only upscale scarfs, but stylish hats, gloves, bags, sleepwear, beachwear and bedding. Their accessories are always evolving.

What a chic bargain Echo's big square silk scarves are! The silk is substantial! Echo scarfs remind me of Hermes: 100% soft, thick silk; with expertly helmed edges; pretty designs; yet at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike a status symbol scarf like Hermes, Echo Scarfs go on sale at times. I found a past season scarf with a price tag of $99 marked down to $16.99 at TJ Maxx. Well, Happy Birthday to me!!!

Personally, I'd rather buy several new Echo Scarfs (for example, all the scarfs featured on this blog) over one previously owned Hermes scarf! How about you?

I will always love you, Hermes ... but Echo loves me more!

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  1. The Echo scarves look lovely, and good value for money. I love scarves which is fairly ridiculous as it is too hot to wear a scarf at all for more than half the year. I bought a small Hermes scarf in Paris, but it will be my one and only forever, because....too expensive!

    1. Oh, I understand why you love scarves, Trish. They can pull your outfit together and make it pop with color or a pattern! Makes perfect sense to me.

      Often I walk down Madison Avenue on my way home, so can pop into Hermes to look at the Hermes scarves or Birkin bags. I like to look them over to see the quality. Definitely they are investment pieces. The bags especially maintain their value if taken care of, so that's a great thing too, though not the reason to buy one. If the scarves show little wear, the re-sale value remains high on those too.

      I doubt I could ever bring myself to buy one. In part because I love the winter Hermes scarves, made with both silk and cashmere, and they start at $1,200! I can't justify paying the piper that kind of loot!! I remain an admirer of the quality.

  2. Oh my, I feel a bit decadent w/my collection of Hermès scarves, but you can blame my husband for that, also for my Hermès jewelry, Kelly Bag and perfume. All his fault, not that I'm complaining. He just has a thing for Hermès. If I'm honest, however, I think I may have introduced him to Hermès, the way I introduced him to his first opera, so perhaps I am to blame for creating a monster.

    I adore all my Hermès scarves, but that doesn't stop me from buying a scarf that appeals to me no matter the price or the label. I have quite a bit of those, too, and I am definitely going to explore Echo. The ones you chose are gorgeous!

    Thanks for introducing me to them.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Marie-Thérèse,

      You will love Echo too! Your husband sounds like a gentleman and a keeper, not to mention, a man of fine tastes, just what every wife and girlfriend deserves! Let's find a way to clone and send him out into the world.

    2. Dan is definitely a keeper. Have kept him for over 40 years. Even his divorced niece says she's still looking for someone like Uncle Dan to marry. He probably should be cloned, only without the "Snoring" gene. But then, they all start snoring after about 45. Thank God for ear plugs.

      Cheers, my dear,

    3. My dear Marie-Therese, I bet he is a lucky man too ... and it brings out the best in him.

      Those breathe right strips don't help much with snoring, do they?

      I hope we completely escape the snoring, ourselves, though I believe some woman do when they get old! I don't look forward to some of these changes.😳

  3. he guy analog here are silk ties from Hermes/ others- which cost $lot$ of dollar$. Maybe sometime you could do a similar blog re men's ties. When I was in Asia, I found ties from "Sinsabang" which were silk and looked like the real deal. The cost was like US $10 - $20 each. There are probably other makers. Note they were not knock-offs, like pirating of logo, they were original designs that looked like they could have been from an expen$ive de$igner.

    1. You're right Barry. That's a great topic, and I'll do some research. So many of us don't really care about the status factor, we're simply looking for a well-made product.

  4. Scarves are indeed vital fashion accessory that tend to push your Style Quotient few notches higher. The tons of colors and styles available in scarves allow you to don it in innumerous ways for a distinctive look. I am an admirer of Silk Border Scarf & Cashmere Pashmina cashmere scarf in particular as it is a staple fashion accessory that is sure to add pinnacle to your appearance.

    1. I have silk scarves and cashmere scarves, but no combination (pashmina) scarves although I have admired them while out shopping. Natural fibers are the best!