Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jewelry & Beautiful Things

Photo: Brilliant Earth. Won't you jump off the page onto my arm? 

In my 20s I thought I'd buy myself a sheared mink coat sometime in the future to celebrate a pivotal birthday: turning 40, turning 50. I wasn't sure when exactly, yet that was the plan. But after I bought a goose down coat and discovered how warm it was, I no longer wanted to spend such a sum on a mink coat. My wish evaporated. 

In a way, it is the value of allowing ourselves to want things, instead of falling prey to instant gratification. We make fewer purchasing mistakes if we take our time before pulling the trigger. By nature, I am an under buyer. It has served me well.

Photo: Blue Nile. I'm waiting ...

Here are some pretties I'm eying with the vague notion of treating myself on my next biggg birthday. I have long desired a tennis bracelet. Diamonds or sapphires? Depends on how much I can spend and the deal available at the time. Both stones are lovely!
As long as jewelry is real, well made and substantial enough (as I won't squint to see the stones!), they don't need to be Harry Winston quality because I don't intend to resale them. Years ago, I got some lovely pieces at Macy's.
Photo: Brilliant Earth. A shimmering ring is looking for a new home. 💅🖑
I would not be unhappy with a pretty sapphire and diamond ring. Do you see a pattern here? Diamonds, sapphires (or rubies), oh my! Although there's no need to go overboard, I think every woman deserves a few pieces of fine jewelry, something durable that sparkles and makes her happy. Very happy! Perhaps the equivalent for a man is a good watch.

Below are earrings I do have. They look fancy, but not so much that I can't wear them for every day. Bling should not stay in a box. They would look spectacular with a new tennis bracelet, wouldn't they? Fortunately, as an under buyer, I take my time and won't go broke! Tick, tock, tick, tock ... until a  pivotal birthday.

Photo: Macy's. Hello, beauties!
What is your favorite? Perhaps it is one of the four or something you already own or want to own.

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  1. Wow, I love the first sapphire bracelet, which is a stunner. Your earrings are lovely too, and I am sure get a lot of wear. I don't have many gems, but one can always hope :)

    1. Trish, like you, I love that first sapphire bracelet, but I wouldn't be unhappy with the diamond one either. I do wonder how much wear I'd get out of them. When I first began working and bought a few gems at Macy's, they were mostly earrings. My practicality seems to kick in even when buying myself a little something special. In 2017 nobody seems to deck out in jewels anymore. It has fallen away like setting the table with fine china and silverware. I suppose that's the middle class coming into prominence. Society's casualness is not all together a bad thing. Nonetheless, I still appreciate a little glitter on special occasions.