Friday, September 23, 2016

Lovely Freshwater Pearls

By nature I'm an under buyer. However, if I see something, which has "me" written all over it at a great price, I pounce to buy it. Pearl jewelry usually has the word "me" written all over it ... as I enjoy wearing a few pieces. Not to mention: diamonds, rubies and sapphires (but oh, I digress!).

These Glitzy Rocks Colored Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelets are selling for $10 on Overstock. Sooo, I bought myself a treat in the white color. Love them! 

They are big, real, freshwater pearls. Yes, I see some blemishes and uneven coloring. My bracelet arrived with 24 unknotted pearls (that do not slide) on a comfortable elastic strand. None of the pearls are perfect, however for under $10 I didn't expect Akoya cultured pearls. For less than the price of costume jewelry, these freshwater pearls look very classic on the arm. As a matter of fact, I like them so much, I bought my mother a bracelet in white pearls also. She should receive hers in the mail today.

You can get the pearl bracelets for $4.50 per strand if you buy all 10 colors. Plus, Overstock coupons may be applied on the purchase for additional savings. (Wow, if only my under buying nature hadn't kicked in.) For a generous number of big, beautiful, real, freshwater pearls, it's a steal!

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  1. I, too, love pearls; however, I'm very fussy about the shade, especially if it is a necklace or pair of earrings. If pearls are too white near your face, your teeth can look yellow in comparison, unless you have glow-in-the dark, white teeth. With my ivory skin tones, I find that off-white pearls are more flatting to my coloring. It's just a little something I always discuss with my clients.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. What a helpful hint, Marie-Thérèse! So glad you commented. I have two pearl necklaces - two because the first one I got is only 18 inches long; and with some dresses, you need a longer strand, or they get lost in the neckline of your dress. So finally I added a 24 inch pearl necklace of bigger pearls. Both necklaces are ivory white. Pure dumb luck on my part. I didn't even think of how they'd effect the look of my teeth. I simply lucked out!

  2. Dangit! You keep making me spend money! LOL

    1. Luckily, it's just a little bit of money ... for real pearls! (The devil made me add the last part of the sentence :).