Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Fall Trends

Photo: People Style Watch
By the time Labor Day arrives, you know summer is fading and fall is only a few weeks away. Here are five looks to take you from late summer into autumn:

1. Burgundy lips - It's also a universal color that flatters everyone, regardless of hair color or skin tone.

2. Skinny jeans and legging paints - Too comfortable and polished to ever go out of style.
Photo: nastygirl.com
3. Spiked shoes - They are edgy. Spikes add a "wow" factor to flats, boots and heels. After the summer passes, we'll have to get our socks out again.
4. Utility jackets - It's a great investment that can be layered as seasons change -- when a chilly wind is replaced by a drop in temperatures. Select a waterproof one that can be rolled up to fit into a suitcase.
5. Wrap chain bracelets - A little bling adds pizzazz to any outfit.
Rebecca's turtle - She has two, Morticia and Gomez.
This last picture was taken by Rebecca Keegan, someone I worked with in New York, who now lives in Los Angeles. What she wrote, sums up my attitude perfectly, " Summer is over when we say it's over." Alas ... the attitude is much easiler to maintain in sunny LA. I'm going to miss the taste of watermelon very soon.

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  1. Not that I normally comment on ladies fashion trends, but I did read in the NY Times that Fashion Week (portending what styles will be in Spring 2014) will be featuring floral designs, floral prints. If Nanette Lapore likes floral- it must be true.