Monday, August 26, 2013

This Belstaff Biker Jacket Is After Me

BELSTAFF Leather Sidney Moto Jacket in Black
BELSTAFF Leather Sidney Moto Jacket  (Click for a 360 degree view)

Leather motorcycle jackets never truly go out of style. I am seeing them hanging in the windows up and down Madison Avenue. Belstaff, a clothing company best known for making all-weather and waterproof jackets, has an absolutely gorgeous moto jacket in their fall collection. It is expensive and impeccably made. Indeed, I love the eye-catching ridges on the shoulder panels and along the sleeves; and just look at the tracks of zippers and the snaps!

I try hard to be a mindful consumer and not buy what I don't actually need. Although I don't own a classic biker jacket, I already have 3 fashionable leather jackets in 3 different lengths that I bought over the years. Actually, my Mom bought one of them for me -- a short, biker-length, leather jacket, with breast pockets and removable insulation -- while I was still a teenager. So a leather jacket, if you really need a jacket, is a great investment. It is attractive, versatile and holds up for years. A person will probably wear out long before his or her leather jacket does.
During any given week I walk up Madison Avenue many times in order to get home. Usually window shopping doesn't come back to bit me in the ass because I tend not to be an impulse, or over-buyer ... and I am afraid of clutter. Seemingly, this biker jacket was designed by the Belstaff people to flip my values and test me.  But, I resolve to stay strong. No. No. No. No. NO. -- so far so good. 

HELP, I may need to change my route! What temptation are you resisting to buy?

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  1. Mine is a little bigger, an Aston Martin. I drove it!

  2. I haven't bought from this company, but this is a beautiful leather jacket. I love it!

  3. My little beat includes Brioni on 52 Street near Park Avenue, where they have awesome leather jackets (not quite biker, but very close) in the window. I am too embarrassed to ask about the price. It's a great look.

  4. Further to previous, Fall Collections catalog from Bergdorf Goodman offers at a "Lanvin" biker jacket for men ( these are not guys who ride Harleys and go to the Fiddlers Convention) for just a shade under $5K. A guy can dream, right?

  5. I am highly grateful to you for sharing this wonderful blog post. I always love to wear Movie leather jackets at the time bike riding.

    1. Hi Ideas Master,

      Welcome to the blog. I appreciate your comment! :)