Monday, August 12, 2013

Tomato Salad, A Summer Favorite

Photo: The Rachael Ray Show
One of the many things I love about August is how big, juicy tomatoes are falling off their vines. If you have a few plants and a green thumb, you have more ripe tomatoes then you can possibly eat about now. 

It leads to neighborly sharing in some communities. There is a rural town in Kentucky, where if you park your car, leaving the doors unlocked, you will find a basket of tomatoes (and other produce) in your front seat upon your return. If you can't eat tomatoes, locals will advise you to be certain to lock your car doors before leaving it unattended in the town.

I love tomato salad in August. The dish is easy, breezy to prepare. My recipe is so forgiving, you don't have to have all the ingredients all the time, and it will still be delicious: 

Tomato Salad


fresh ripe tomatoes
purple onions, diced (or onion powder)
extra virgin olive oil
vinegar (cider, or Balsamic, or your favorite)
water (add a 2 [water] to 1 [vinegar] ratio to dilute the vinegar)
pepper (from a pepper mill)
garlic powder

Slice (or dice) the tomatoes and throw into a serving bowl, then eyeball and add the rest of the ingredients to taste. Mix. It's that simple. No real measuring required. Just sprinkle, taste and serve. It's a pull up a chair and grab a fork kind of dish.
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  1. I love tomatos, and eat some most days. However I have never tried this salad, which sounds perfect for our long, hot summer!

  2. Debra, thanks for the idea to make this delicious salad. I am out of lettuce but have tomatoes from my garden.