Friday, September 13, 2013

Feast Your Eyes On Cobalt Blue

This year's New York Fashion Week featured lots of cobalt blue on the runways, one of my all time favorite colors. The deep and stable blue pigment is often used to make beautiful porcelain, jewlry and transparent glass, as well as, the most stunning ball gowns, or eye-popping everyday dresses, blazers and shoes.

It is described as this fall's hot new hue, but there's nothing trendy about it. Historically a popular color, it is soothing and grounding. Simply stated, cobalt blue is gorgeous and will never, ever go out of style. Personally, I find it somewhat intoxicating and could wear it every hour of everyday! 

So just for you, my awesome readers ... THE SAVVY SHOPPER's roundup of the many possibilities:
Awww, feast your eyes on even more cobalt blue with ... a runway sampling --

... everyday à la mode
... elegant home decor. (Click here and scroll down. It began life as a sherry bottle.)

... a dose of loveliness, Nine West's Ponte Bodice Dress
... MINE! I called it. What are you having? :)

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  1. Cobalt is definitely one of my top favourite colours Debra. I'll have the Stella McCartney, please - just gorgeous! Oh and the first photo is totally adorable. I'd be happy to provide a home for the blue glass, too! Great post.

  2. Oh Patricia, thanks for playing along ... though I am totally serious about the ring. :)