Monday, November 21, 2016

In My Jewelry Box

Invaluable, the London auction ehouse, invited me to tell the story of a few pieces of my jewelry -- how the pieces came into my life; what they mean to me; and do I wear, or keep them locked away as keepsakes. I will focus on some ladylike pearls I have. They are as lovely as diamonds, yet more budget-friendly.

I acquired a love of jewelry from my father. We sometimes stopped to peer at display windows of jewelry while out and about. It wasn't the dollar amount that caused us to Ooo and Ahh. My father (and I) loved the aesthetics of the jewelry. With an eye for design and an appreciation for beauty, my dad simply liked the way in which gold and gemstones sparkle and shine. I like the durability of a fine piece of jewelry also. To be sure, no one in our family is overly materialistic, but to mark special occasions, my dad might buy my mom or me a nice piece of jewelry (for a pivotal birthday, or an accomplishment, etc.). Mom had to marry the man to get a nice ring; I didn't have to do much of anything!

When I was 14 years old my dad bought me a 14k gold pearl ring. There was no special occasion. He saw it, thought it was pretty and just wanted me to have it. And because it was a gift from my father, the ring is very valuable to me. In fact, it's irreplaceable. Honestly, I wouldn't take thousands of dollars to part with it, even though such a sum is many times over its monetary value. Perhaps with the ring, my dad taught me ... I deserve to be spoiled just for being me, a lesson of unconditional love. 

Many years later ...

I bought this second pearl ring from Macy's department store during one of the retailer's big blowout sales. By this time, I had decided I favor white gold. The ring was a working girl's splurge, but a practical working girl, who at times needs some bling for dressing up. 

My splurge has a happy ending. Since buying the ring, the price of jewelry has tripled, while the quality of Macy's jewelry has gone down ... I'm sorry to report; and the store knows it. It was once the place to go to pick up beautiful, yet affordable rings, earrings, and bracelets. I hope Macy's savvy buyers find a way to bring their old quality and value back. 
I miss it in their jewelry department!

Which brings us around to the pearl necklace at the top of the blog. About seven years ago, I thought it was high time to own a string of pearls, not fake ones, but a real pearl necklace. Some jewelry wearers might consider it matronly and old fashion. I don't! A pearl necklace is a classic that matches perfectly with another old standby, the little black dress.

Here I am at a Manhattan shindig (standing on the right) illustrating the point. I've gotten tons of wear out of that necklace! It seems like neither a string of pearls, nor the little black dress will soon go out of style. Both look sharp on everybody!

Finally, to answer the last question posed: My three jewels are to be pulled out and worn every chance I get. None are wildly expensive, though I'd hate to lose any of them. 
Lock them away for what? In general, I think all material things, including jewelry, should be used and enjoyed!

Invaluable has a jewelry "box" of its own. Their jewels are a bit pricier than my pearls, but browsing is fun and free. And ... we can Ooo and ahh!


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  1. What a sweet post, Debbie. I like pearls too, and enjoy seeing your lovely necklace and the two rings which are just lovely. How special that your father bought jewels for special occasions and events in your lives. I have inherited my mother's pearl necklace - it is quite short but nice to wear when elegance is called for!

    1. Yes, pearls are elegant. They remind me of the wonder of nature, when I think about how each individual pearl is produced by an oyster. I could make the same "wonder of nature" argument for diamonds, but .. oh, few of us could afford a string of those. :)

      You know what else my daddy taught me? A person need not be rich to buy somebody (or herself) a nice piece of jewelry. My first pearl ring was inexpensive.

      If you apply yourself, you can find a lovely, affordable ring or pair of earrings, etc.. Department stores may not sell the same quality as Harry Winston's or Tiffany's, but really who the heck is going to notice when you wear it? Only a jeweler with a loupe. And, who cares if the pearls, or gemstones have a few flaws? As long as the jewelry shimmers, you will enjoy it.