Saturday, November 12, 2016

The French Braider

Photos: Pinterest

Ever dream of French braiding your hair, but don't know how to do it? Here's a cheap tool to make the braiding easier. Notice: I didn't say easy, but easier. The French braider is made of plastic and sponge. It comes with instructions guiding you to cross over four sections of hair A, B, C, and D in the correct order to create the braid.
French braiding your own hair isn't as simple as doing someone else's hair. Doing your own hair is hard period. The tool can't grow you two additional eyes in the back of your head, which would be ideal to see what you're doing. But, like most anything else, you get better with practice. 

For under $2 the French braider is recommended as a helpful tool. Know that Bed, Bath and Beyond sells a more expensive Conair French braider for $4.99.

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  1. I had no idea how people do those gorgeous braids. What a cute little piece of equipment, which I'd love to see in operation!

    1. Trish, I would guess you need to be good at braiding despite using this tool. I think the tool helps with arranging the sections of hair, but if you don't have the nack for smoothing and pulling the hair tight as you do it, you still get a messy braid.

      I also think when you see women with braids as gorgous as the ones above in the pictures, they are wearing partial hair pieces and extentions to get their luscious locks. That's why it's impossible for ordinary women to look like the models and actresses they see.

  2. This makes me nostalgic for my long, long hair. It was almost to my waist when I got married, and I used to braid it all the time in many different ways. I was very good at it, but it took some practice. This looks like a very useful little hair tool.

    You are absolutely right about extensions and hair pieces. They are the secret beauty weapons of actresses and models.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. Oh Marie-Thérèse, I hope you have a reason to post an old photo with your long hair. I love old photos period. It's also fun to see a photos of couples married for 20+ years in their 1st years together; and especially their wedding photos. I don't even have to know the couple to enjoy looking at their wedding photos. It's such a universal theme, you can easily identify.