Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hairstyles: Pretty Braids

Genetics are fascinating.  Often times when children are born, recessive genes win out.  Both of my parents had curly hair, but my hair is straight.  (My mom is still trying to understand how and why.)  My curly-haired friend, Cara S., also has a daughter with straight hair.  Some people said Lindsay looked like me, a remark that delighted her growing up, since I got to be the fun Auntie, who came for visits.  But I'm digressing.

As a teenager, my mom thought I should have curly hair and encouraged me to roll it.  It's a good thing, I totally ignored her.  Curly ringlets are pretty, but I never once minded having straight hair.  Straight hair is an easy style to maintain, and yet, you can do a lot with it.  In the summer, it's fun to braid sections of it.  I love YouTube for its hair tutorials, showing you how to braid hair, step-by-step.  Right now, my favorites are a waterfall braid (here) and one called a same-side lace braid (here).  Click on The Cute Girl's Hairstyle channel (here) for other ideas.

How in the world did any of us learn anything before YouTube?

And a word to my parent, who continues to have an opinion about my hair:  Mom, there are two types of people on the planet: People who have straight hair (me!), and people who wish they had straight hair (you!).  

All kidding aside, my mom has lovely curls, which flatter her face.  Obviously, there is no one standard of beauty (mom!).  Embrace whatever your hair type is ... and work with it.  Curly, wavy, or straight, it's all good.

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