Thursday, July 19, 2012

M. Mac: The Rock Fish Dress

It happened again.  I wore the shorter length of this classic Rock Fish dress in pubic, and a pedestrian approached to tell me how cute it looks.  In fact, I receive more attention for this all cotton dress than for any other garment in my wardrobe.  The fish dress comes in several colors, styles and lengths.  Essentially, it's a big, comfortable t-shirt with tailored armholes and side slits.  The two dresses I have fall just above the knee.  They are summer staples I wear to work, on errands, or as a beach cover up.  The dresses are so versatile, I can dress them up or down with ballet flats, Mary Janes or flip flops.  The fish dress is a basic, I always pack for vacations also.
The fabric is very durable.  The dresses can be machine washed and dried many times over.  I don't even iron mine, and they still manage to look polished.

Who would predict that a simple, practical dress could attract such public attention?  But the Rock Fish dress does.  People always ask me where they can get it, and now they know.  To order click the M. Mac link and speak to Jamie.
Other patterns are available, including these.

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  1. I Love my M. Mac dresses. I also get complements almost every time I wear them.