Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stay Warm With A Goose Down Coat

When you're in the hustle and bustle of a crowned city street look around you.  Everyone seems to own a goose down coat.  Recently I bought one, and now I understand the reason for their popularity.  

Ultra warm and lightweight, it's my new go-to coat.  

Before selecting it, I shopped around and asked lots of questions.  I learned, if you want a warm down coat that needs less layering, it should be at least 70% down, with 600 fill insulation.  

Based on quality and style, I liked three companies: Moncler, North Face and Lands' End.  Each makes a super warm coat that lets you bundle up without bulking up.  Good.  Let's avoid a Michelin Man look.  After I considered a fourth element -- cost verses value, I chose the Down Chalet Coat from Lands' End.  Here's why: Designed as stylish as its competitors, it has all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the cost!  

Lands' End's Chalet Coat is 80% natural goose down with 650 fill insulation, which is comparable to the others.  It has (1) an attractive wind and water resistant polyester shell; (2) snaps and a zipper [double] closure; (3) a goose down insulated, snap-off hood; (4) micro-fleece storm cuffs; and (5) 5 pockets [3 inside and 2 fleece-lined outside].  All 5 pockets zip closed.  And what makes the coat truly warm in the coldest weather is (6) a wind blocking chin guard.  With the chin guard and insulated hood, I don't have to wear a scarf, or hat in 17 degrees F.  So far, I've avoided hat hair and wearing extra layers of clothing.  Plus, I get lots of compliments wearing it.  It's surprising how toasty warm such a lightweight coat is.   

The coat is mid-calf, longer than it photographs and machine washable too.  Extra tip from Landsend: When machine drying your coat, throw in a few tennis balls to fluff it up.

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    I'll second that thought! about 7 yrs ago Old Navy had a sea of orange down coats on sale for about $20. Apparently no one wanted these coats due to the color but my friend Michelle and I tried them on and made a pact that we'd buy them together. The feathers are some type of "other fowl" (we don't really want to know! LOL) but that coat is sooo WARM. Best investment, even if we both look like the Great Pumpkin!

    I also like to use it to threaten my son. I tell him if he doesn't behave I'm going to his school in the orange coat and dance in the hallways.
    Great post!

  2. Oh, my gosh, ha, ha. That will keep your son in line, HA! You are in vogue with bright orange. I love color!

    What took me so long to buy a down coat? The ease of wearing and maintaining one is amazing.

  3. Excellent entry, as I sit by the fireplace thinking about the coming snow-storm.

    I have a GAP coat, blue and black- totally warm and comfy. In order to make it look more expensive, I got some patches from ski places in Switzerland, and had them sewn across the front. (truth be told- I did one biz trip to Zurich, but not in ski season, where I got the patches).

    So now the coat gets stares (of awe) from ski-people, a guy with a "Beaver Creek" hat gave me a nod of approval on Madison Ave, and the coat has proven to be a great conversation starter.

    I cannot tell you what fibers it has, but, like the coat that you describe in the blog, it is VERY warm. And, with a blizzard warning for NY, guess what I will be wearing on Monday if I make it into mid-town?
    Barry P

  4. Sounds like we're all happy with our coats!

  5. When you're in the hustle and bustle of a crowned city street look around you. Everyone seems to own a goose down coat. Recently I bought ...

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    1. Welcome! I appreciate your kind words. They will motivate me to do good work! If I know people return to read posts, I’ll keep writing new ones! 🙂