Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Ambiance Of A Brasa Fire

If you live in a house with a fireplace, you know how inviting it is to stay warm by nestling in front of the flames on a frigid, winter day.  Now there are products on the market to safely bring a fire to any room, or tabletop without having to install a traditional fireplace.

Compact and portable, Brasa Fires are ventless and fueled by renewable green energy.  They run on denatured alcohol [bio-ethanol], a biofuel made from agricultural products like corn, sugar and potatoes.  With chic and modern designs, Brasa Fires create atmosphere and add warmth wherever you put them.  Consider placing a Brasa  fireplace in a living room, or choose a slender fire lamp as a centerpiece for a coffee table, or outdoor patio table by a pool -- Ok, I'm dreaming!  

If you already have a fireplace, the company also sells burner inserts that can be placed into a masonry hearth, or the built-in fire setting in your home.  

Brasa Fires are suitable for houses and apartments alike.  They are easy to set up.  No installation is necessary.  Costs: $165 - $625.

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  1. Cool.. invention it is new opportunity for us to live in pure and clean environment

  2. I prefer chopped wood and the crackle and sizzle. But good to know about.
    Barry P

  3. Good to know about if you live in an apartment, need something portable, or can't build a regular fireplace. Gives you options.