Saturday, December 20, 2014

Seven Rules For Holiday Dressing

Fearne cotton clutch purse; photo from
Recently Paul Fredrick, a company which makes a full line of men's business attire, but is best known for its affordable dress shirts, contacted me with a request. Could I share tips for sharp holiday dressing? My advice is very straightforward and applies to men and women equally.

1) Select classic pieces that never go out of style. Chanel's little black dress is as chic today as it was at the turn of the 20th century. A tailored man's suit with a cotton oxford shirt and silk tie is always dapper and current.

2) Stick with natural fabrics. Cashmere, lambswool, silk, cotton and linen are fashion-forward investments, because they wear well, lasting for decades.

3) Embrace your personal style. Wear what makes you feel like a million bucks, and you will not only pull it off, you'll sparkle and shine! 

4) Dress for comfort. Anything that is too tight, or ill-fitted, or hurts to don should not be in your closet. How can you party like it's 1999 if your clothes are trying to pinch, blister or trip you? If you can't walk in shoes, don't buy them. And, replace your mistakes; in the spirit of the season, take those to Goodwill!

5) No need to buy special holiday outfits unless you walk red capets. You might do it once in a while, but try to look your best all-year-a-round by sticking to well-crafted and well-fitted classics that you can wear time and again.

6) Add pizazz with accessories. Glitter with silver and gold jewelry, or cuff links. Drape a velvet or faux-fur stole/jacket on your shoulders. For women, rhinestone ballet flats or heels look festive. A shimmering clutch purse also works. Men can achieve the same effect with a fine watch.

7) Don't be afraid of playful accents: For men, a neck tie with a holiday motif, a polka-dot bow tie, or two-tone shoes complement an understated suit. A bright red tie and handkerchief make a dark suit pop. Colorful scarves do the same for a woman wearing neutrals.

When styling for holiday events, always be yourself ... but, be your best dressed, polished self. Have fun celebratng!

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  1. Good advice, Debra. I am a bit naughty, and do tend to buy or make a special holiday outfit. But it is a cheap one - at the height of summer, something cool and cotton. Totally agree re fabrics, go for the silk, cotton and linen, they win out every time. Merry Christmas!

    1. Patricia, the dresses you've shown us on your blog are so beautiful. I wish I had your skills! It would be great fun to have a summer Christmas too! Have a festive and merry one!