Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This Is My Wish - Jordin Sparks

Let there be peace on earth.
All faiths try to answer the same basic questions about life. Why do we exist? What is our purpose? Why is there good and evil? How do humans stay on the right path? What gives our lives meaning? Even athiests ask these questions.

We are a global community, according to the blog's stats. Yet despite many cultures, people are more alike then different. Each and every one of you is valued here. Everyone has something to give to the world, and we are stronger for it!

Be kind to one another. "Let it start with you. Let it start with me." And as Jordin Sparks sings so melodically, "Let peace find its way ...."

May the goodwill and joy of the holidays last beyond the season.

Photo: Karen Elizabeth
Love to all my readers. Good Tidings and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hello Debra, great sentiments, and a great Christmas dress! Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas and wonderful new year in 2015.

    1. Patricia,

      Thank you and right back at 'ya!