Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ben Silver For Classic Style In Menswear

Clothing, shoes and accessories.
Within historic Charleston, South Carolina sits the self described "epitome of the elegant fine haberdasher that once could be found in the main streets of America, but now exits only on London's Seville Row." FittinglyBen Silver's 19th century flagship store is located at 149 King Street.

The shop is known for its tailored clothing, designed for "sophisticated tastes" and "understated style" ... combined with a touch of "boldness."  In other words, rich but never boring.

Although Ben Silver makes apparel for women also, it's the men's tailored suits, handmade silk ties and signature cuff links that catch the eye and make the heart flutter. The fabrics and craftsmanship that goes into the pieces are gorgeous!

If you decide to save up for one good, upscale suit, you can't go wrong with Ben Silver. Your suit will be expertly made of the finest material ... and last forever.
A set of suave cuff links, fine leather wallet or chic brown-and-tortoise eye frames make an excellent gift. Is there anyone on your Christmas list this year who was naughty or nice? 

'Tis the season to splurge on someone special with a gift he is sure to love.

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  1. Great blog! I am in the maritime business and I always wear conversation starter clothing when I attend industry functions and dinners. I've been into Ben Silvers and bought numerous ties/ cufflinks/ and soon to buy an insignia patch for a blazer pocket. At one big industry gala event several years back, I was wearing a yacht club tie- with little insignias of the club, bought at Ben Silver. The master of ceremonies for the evening, a famous TV commentator on Americas Cup and other sailing races, came up to me over drinks and asked me all about the tie and what club it represented. Talk about heart fluttering- what a moment for me! By the way, the burgee (that's what the insignia is called, sort of a triangular flag), is from a club near Bilbao in NW Spain.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Barry! It's a quality store.