Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do You Need Earring Lifts?

Photo: Levears, earring lifts
Although I have long, straight hair, I wear pretty conservative, post earrings. Often the more fashion-forward, flashy bling is heavy or bulky, and I can't stand the feel of the weight as I turn my head throughout the day. Frankly, I'm also too vain to wear the weight! Eventually, heavy earrings stretch and tear a wearer's earlobes. After years of damage, some women have to undergo surgery to repair their earlobes. Yikes!

But now there's hope for my wilder side, namely earring lifts. They have several benefits: (1) They relieve the pressure of the weight, preventing heavy earrings from stretching the earlobe; and (2) they stop heavy earrings from dropping if a woman already has stretched earlobes (or not); (3) they also give a heavy earring more stability and comfort; and finally, (4) they improve the appearance of earrings ... with a lift.

Here's how to wear them: Put the lifts in, behind your ears as you would an earring backing. Attach your earrings to the lift to make them stand upright. 
Photo: Levears
Earring lifts go from pricey to cheap:

Levears - are available in serling silver and 14k gold. If you wear heavy earrings every single day, or have stretched earlobes, perhaps the bigger investment of over $200 is for you.

Lobe Wonder Earring Support Patches - are much cheaper, but must be purchased again and again. Buy 60 in a box for about $10.

BlingGuard BlingDots - These are memory foam discs to support and keep earrings in place -- right where they belong. Comes 90 per box for $12.50.

Weather you have stretched earlobes, or just want to wear heavy earrings, no more dropping!

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