Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bagging A Gepherrini

I'm not a true handbag maven. No exaggeration: I use a bag until the strap wears out, and it literally drops off my shoulder in the middle of the street before buying a new one. Happens to everyone, right? The few times, I'm forced to change purses, I always leave necessities out, like an ink pen, a hair comb, or a lipstick. So I only switch bags if I absolutely must ... to carry more stuff, or match an evening gown. 

Many women enjoy changing bags along with their shoes or outfits. Well, I have the perfect shop for a purse fashionista: Foravi -- with two locations: at 1067 Madison Avenue (on the Upper East Side), or 542 Broadway (in Soho). There you will find a chic collection of Gepherrini handbags.

Gepherrini has been making handsome, Italian, leather bags since 1989. The merchant focuses on quality, functionality and unique style. Even I love perusing through their collection of eye-catching handbags. Super cute. Sleek. Ultra practical and made well.

If you can't come to New York City, you can look online. The retailer also has a mobile app to download. When you need a new bag, it's a stylish brand to consider.

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  1. These are lovely bags, particularly the black/white animal print. I have never seen this brand here, but am currently looking for a new bag suitable for travel. Tending towards gray at the moment.

    1. Trish, I like the waterproof canvas types of bags for travel. They usually have lots of pockets and compartments and can be squished up to fit into suitcases, or kept with you on a flight. For everyday and everything else, I like a good sturdy leather purse with compartments, usually in black, so it goes with all colors and I don't have to change bags. Oh, I am that lazy!